I’m done.

I’m giving up on the observatory thing.

I’ve been thinking about it since the meeting with the department head. There is just no point to continue to work so hard for something no one else supports. As much as I would like to see the observatory remain open and used for public education and outreach purposes, there are so many other ways I can use my time in this way.

So, that’s it. The observatory is closing its doors on December 31st, and may not ever be open again. I put a year into this project, on top of my full-time workload, for no pay and definitely no recognition. I wrote up a business proposal, I put together a steering committee, I organized two very successful events, and got the word out there about the observatory. I did my best, and although I’m disappointed, I don’t consider any of it a failure.

If I end up getting a potential job (that I’m still not going to write about much until it’s set in stone), we might revisit the idea. After all, the observatory isn’t going anywhere, is it?


Comments on: "In Which I Say "Screw It" and Give Up" (10)

  1. I'm sorry that it didn't work out after all your hard work but I'm glad that you have made a decision that you are comfortable with and can move on to other aspects of your life.


  2. Ugh, that's too bad. You worked so hard. But you're right. It's not something you can do alone. It's so disappointing the other people involved couldn't be more supportive but letting it go will be a huge sanity saver in the end for you.


  3. Congrats on getting a decision made.


  4. I'm sorry to hear. But maybe it is better for you to withdraw now than after another year when there has been no decision set in stone? (I hate giving up but have come to terms, or trying to, that sometimes it's better to quit before the real big bitterness sets in… and it's not that you didn't try, and it didn't work.. it's… politics I guess?)

    I hope you can see the success in those two nights and what you did though! It was a great thing to do.


  5. I”m so sorry that it didn't pan out. I am happy that you don't see this as a failure. You've learned alot of valuable skills through the whole process.


  6. Oooh, sorry to hear your efforts didn't pay off enough. But good you made the decision. I am sure in the future you will get other things to flourish with your commitment!


  7. Bummer. But I hope you feel like you've got a heavy load off your back.


  8. Sorry Alyssa. 😦 But at least you've made a clean break. And it sounds like everyone really enjoyed the events you ran, which is a huge success in its own right – maybe you inspired someone to get into astronomy!

    Good luck with getting the potential job sorted out and finalised!


  9. Thanks for all the positive comments, everyone. It was a tough decision, but interestingly enough I'm not all that sad about it. Like I said in the post, I tried my best, and that's all I could do. I feel like I can leave it be now, and not feel guilty for leaving it.

    I also have received positive responses from the steering committee. Even though they are disappointed as well, they completely understand the decision and would have made the same one. So, that makes me feel better as well.

    It definitely feels like a load off my back!


  10. Alyssa–It sounds like a good move. I think your dedication must have made an impression on the committee, and I'm sure you will be the first person they think of if they decide to pursue something like this in the future. Until then, sheer will isn't enough to make something happen if you aren't going to get official support, so oh well.

    Now you can enjoy your maternity leave in peace, 😉


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