My Eyes! My Eyes!

A couple weeks ago, DH and I went to a local antique mall searching for a bookshelf or something for our front entrance. We didn’t find anything that would work, but we did find this (those of you on FB have seen this already):

Fig. 1: Quite possibly the ugliest couch ever.

Have you ever seen anything like it in your life? The shape, the fabric, the random wood circles – it all just comes together, doesn’t it? The best feature is that part in the center of the couch rotates, so you can store stuff in there! How convenient! Oh, and those round cushions? They’re reversible, so you can choose to have the patterned fabric, or be a bit more conservative and keep the yellow going.

It can be yours for just $800!!!


Comments on: "My Eyes! My Eyes!" (10)

  1. Oh. My. God.



    My eyes, indeed!! Just think…SOMEONE thought that was a good idea….



  2. LOL! Yeah, back in the 60s/70s it wasn't even a good idea!


  3. Anonymous said:

    I kind of like it. Looks comfy.


  4. Awesome!

    Don't you sometimes have to wonder about the sanity of the people involved in designing, approving, manufacturing, ordering, selling, and buying this kind of thing?! Shouldn't someone, somewhere along the line, have put a stop to it???!!


  5. LOL, still looks like a couch fit for a pimp! And in doing some research for a 2012 cruise, I discovered that whoever designed the Bliss Lounge on the Norwegian Pearl didn't think it was such a bad idea:×400-NorwegianPearl-BlissUltraLounge.jpg

    I don't now…I think the cruise ship version almost works.



  6. Anon – we sat on it. It wasn't that comfy. It was very slippy and slide-y actually! LOL!

    Cath – I guess it passed all those tests with flying colors back in “the day”?

    Andrea – wow. That's fantastic. Perhaps what this couch is missing is the room to go with it, including black lights!


  7. oooh….it is horrible!!! It is not only the ugliest couch ever, but probably the ugliest thing ever made. I wouldn't want it even if they gave me the 800$ too.


  8. Wow. Just… wow.


  9. truly ghastly. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief when I realized you didn't buy it for your front hall!


  10. Nina – yeah, I think the price puts it over the edge! Although, I guess it was in good condition 😛

    bean-mom – yup!

    wool free – LOL! Could you even imagine? Though, if it was $20 or something, I could see buying it as a joke 🙂


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