This is going to sound really dumb, and like I’m a clueless parent, but now that Evan is awake for good portions of time I have no idea what to do with him! Apparently, I so do not have the mothering instinct 😛

I mean, we read to him, talk to him, and we do tummy time with him, but that’s about it. I feel bad not doing things with him during all of his waking hours. Any other ideas of what kind of activities we could/should be doing with him?

In other news, we’re making slow progress with breast feeding (BFing). We now get 1-2 good feedings in a day, which is much better than before. At this point, I think I’m the limiting factor. Mostly because (TMI alert) my nipples hurt from not being used to BFing, and I end up having to pump anyway because I tend to have an oversupply of milk (which completely defeats the purpose of BFing so I don’t have to pump anymore). In any case, I don’t intend to exclusively BF because it’s nice that DH can also feed Evan (especially at night!), so if we can get to the point of doing 50/50, I’d be happy.

Fig. 1: Evan’s new fun thing to do: touching/hitting mommy’s face (photo courtesy of my friend Theresa).

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  1. Yay for better BFing! I hope your nipples feel better soon… :-/

    I have no idea what you can do with a baby that young, sorry. But reading and talking sound great, and he'll be more interactive soon!


  2. Love that picture!!! Sorry about the nipple pain. It does go away eventually, but it stinks, I KNOW.

    You're doing great! You don't have to entertain a baby that young. Keep doing what you're doing and throw in some independent time on a play mat or bouncer or under a mobile if he'll let you.


  3. sadly there is not much that babies at that age do. i found going out for walks and to coffee shops enjoyable for both monkey and me :).

    sorry, no advice on the nipple pain, other than you get used to it:))


  4. Nothing to offer in the BF dept, but for activities, get outside! Lots of walks. Get a baby bjorn thing or something similar. Get him used to environmental noise (malls, coffee shops, restaurants). I did this with Jasmine and it made it much easier to get out with her later and still having her sleep, etc. Then you can have friends over for games night and not worry about him waking up at the drop of a pin. Oh and find a group of moms/dads that get together regularly.. it will help you keep your sanity, especially being cooped up inside all Winter. Something scheduled is better because it will always be easier not to go.. better to be “forced”. Socializing will reveal a lot of other great information from others in the same situation you are in!


  5. So cute!
    What everyone else said: you just go about your business and try to talk to him as much as you can. This is a great time as he's not mobile yet, so he'll stay wherever you put him. And he'll enjopy the mall, coffee shop, grocery store… Enjoy!


  6. Glad to hear things are going well with Evan. I'm so ready to have the Monkey reaching for my face!! I've been wondering the same thing about how to play with the Monkey; I've just tried to do tummy time a couple of times a day, and talk to him as much as I can. I'm also hoping to take the advice mentioned here in the comments, especially getting out of the condo. Of course, getting out seems like quite the feat these days; I'm sure that, too, will get easier!


  7. First off–what a cute picture! Ahhh, I love when they reach for your face like that…

    Next–yes, try to find a mothers' group to join so that you'll get out of the house, meet people (who are in the same boat that you are in) and don't go stir-crazy this winter! And you sound like you are doing plenty with Evan. Babies really *don't* need to be entertained during all their waking hours, with parents constantly in their face chattering at them. With my first baby I thought I had to entertain her non-stop to be a good mom… by the time I had my second, I realized that's not necessary, you'll drive yourself crazy, and sometimes baby just likes to watch the scenery and chill. And yes,chilling at a coffee shop is as fun for baby as for mom, and even going on a grocery store run is exciting to him…

    Have you tried lanolin for the nipple pain? That helped me a lot…


  8. If you entertain your baby every waking minute at this age — you'll be entertaining him every waking minute for the rest of his life. Try to encourage him to “amuse himself” by giving him some focal point of interest (a mobile, the play of light on the wall, a wrist rattle etc.) and allow him to do some “independent thinking” — you will still be nearby doing your thing and watching your movement may in fact be his entertainment, but let him choose — go with the 50-50 rule like you are with BFing where you and daddy entertain 50% of the time and let him entertain himself the other 50%. Taking him out to the Mall, for a walk, going to visit friends etc. is another great way to get him socialized and entertain both of you at the same time.


  9. Heh, I know how you feel – I felt that way when my son was young. I just never spent a lot of time with babies, so I had no clue what to do with them. (Plus, like your most recent video, my son was like that every single second for about 4 months straight, so never really had much of a chance to try anything anyway :)).

    As for the BFing, have you tried a nipple shield? They really helped me early on. Eventually weaned him off it at about 5 months, but it helped us so much at the start.


  10. Haha great photo! And interesting to hear you don't really know what to do with him. I would be totally like that probably (but worse!) Love your honest reports about what you're going through! And seems like there is many bloggers around with good advice.


  11. Looks like you got a lot of advice already. I was the same way when Gabby was that age – still am, but it's getting easier as she is getting more animated.

    I just walked around the house with her, went for walks and talked to her about the surroundings. I put toys in front of her, put her under her play gym. Played music for her, sang for her etc. and sometimes we just chilled on the couch and watched my soap opera or whatever talk show was on 🙂 I still sometimes don't have the energy to entertain her what so ever. but a Mom's group would be good. We are also taking a baby massage class next week.

    Glad he is okay!


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