Upcoming Transition

DH goes back to work on Monday. I’m scared – how am I going to do this on my own?

Okay, so thankfully I won’t be totally on my own. My Mom arrives on Friday and will be here for three weeks. I’m hoping it will be a nice step between both DH and I being home and me being home by myself come January.

Still though – it scares me that I’m getting closer to being on my own. My big worry right now is the feeding. Evan is getting fed primarily by the bottle, and I am pumping. That means I’ll need to find time to pump when Evan is not preparing to eat, eating, or screaming/trying to calm down after eating. Right now, DH is usually feeding him or holding him while I do it. Evan seems to have a radar to the pump, and practically every time I try it when he’s sleeping or calm, he starts crying/screaming/etc..

I worry about other stuff too – like how am I going to console him all day long? DH and I switch off so we can get a break and eat, have a shower, go to the bathroom, and do simple chores around the house. How the heck am I going to do it all on my own? I can seriously see it coming down to me having to choose between having a very quick bite to eat (i.e. a granola bar) or brushing my teeth.

I’m sure we’ll figure out a new normal, but right now I’m frickin’ terrified!!


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  1. I totally hear you. You will probably be reading a very similar post from me a week from now.

    DH cheered me up a bit by reminding me that I'd probably start losing weight faster when he wasn't around to make me food. Because God knows I won't have the time or coordination to feed myself when he goes back to work.

    Personally I've been thinking of setting up a few staging areas–one upstairs by the bed and one downstairs by the couch that include a basket of snacks, a pitcher of water and a glass, tissues, burp pads, nipple butter, etc. That way while I'm feeding James it is all in reach.

    But I think we'll both figure out how to work it . . . it's just about finding a new normal, KWIM? But yeah, as of now, taking care of this little baby (and the house) seems like a full-time job for two . . . I'm very interested to see how things go when DH goes back to work! Eeek


  2. It's so scary to think about, but necessity is the mother of invention… you will figure it out and find your way! I always put a bouncer in the bathroom so I could take a shower. And occasionally had to let someone scream for a minute or two while I attended to something else. In a month you'll feel like a pro!


  3. Hi Alyssa! It can be scary I remember when Geoff went back to work I was really scared but when I got into it I did pretty good! I did have some staging areas like Adrienne talked about around the house to make it easier on me. I just kind of figured it out as I went along and pretty soon I became good at taking care of her by myself. It is really all about finding a new normal and this is our new normal. She is now turning six months next week and everything just got much easier she is sleeping longer and I finally get to have some dinner at night. Everything is going to be great and you will be awesome!!


  4. Good luck!! I'm sure you'll figure it out, and make it sound easy for those of us who don't know any better 😉


  5. It doesn't take long for it to become normal and dare I say it? easy:) Although oftentimes you probably won't be eating until naptimes:)
    Could you nurse more to avoid pumping so much?


  6. Don't worry, you'll figure it out. I second the basket of necessities – I keep one with burp rags, a couple of snacks, my water bottle, and a couple of toys. Then I just have one thing to grab and go when it's time to feed. I also keep the pump nearby, and a couple of pumping bottles in the basket, so that I'm ready to pump as soon as he sleeps. We're doing 2-3 bottles a day along with the breast-feeding. So I generally pump a couple of short intervals during the day right after feedings, and do a couple of longer pumping sessions in the evening while Hubby is feeding Monkey.

    The biggest thing I've had to learn is being okay with Monkey crying a few minutes while I run to the restroom, eat something, etc. Amazingly enough, he's used these 5-minute intervals to learn how to self-soothe; I've run into his room a few times after getting out of the shower, hearing him cry, and throwing on some quick clothes, only to find him sucking his fingers and calmly checking things out. It ends up giving me a few more minutes to start a load of laundry, brush my teeth, whatever, and he now uses this same self-soothing technique to get himself to sleep.


  7. You'll be fine. Micro Dr. O's comment about learning to be ok with a bit of crying reminded me of some advice I got, way back when – a former boss told me “babies cry, all the time” – the implication being that sometimes you just don't need to worry about it that much.

    Anyway I am sure you will do fine. The whole pumping/bottles kerfuffle is a bit of a nightmare (believe me, I remember) but you'll figure out a schedule that works.


    [P.S. Sorry for not visiting your blog much recently]


  8. Thanks for the comments and suggestions, everyone! I think it's a great idea to have staging areas or a portable basket with all the necessities in it. It's amazing how much effort it takes to even get something off the table if the baby is sleeping/eating/screaming in your arms!


  9. Oh, and I totally agree that I need to just get used to the fact that he's going to cry, and I might not always be able to remedy the situation right away. I am getting more used to the crying though. When he first started to cry, I would cry right along with him! Thankfully that's not the case anymore! LOL!


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