Today, I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Not at Evan — I went into another room to do it.

The past couple of days have been awful. Evan has been crying and screaming like I’m frickin’ torturing him. I had a meeting today with someone I’ll be working with when I start my new job, and he screamed pretty much the whole time. I fed him, I changed him, I held him, I bounced him, I burped him, I walked him…NOTHING.

I love the guy to death, but give a girl a break!!!


Comments on: "SCREAM!!!!" (6)

  1. HUGS ALYSSA!!! I've been there, we all have – is it like some sort of sick rite of passage into motherhood or something?? Haha. You did the right thing though – just put him down somewhere safe and leave the room for 10 seconds, a minute, 10 minutes… whatever you need to collect yourself and/or scream it out!

    Hang in there – I promise it will get better and easier!


  2. Yep, been there too! Its so hard some days, especially with an inconsolable baby. Hang in there!! Hugs!


  3. Inconsolable babies are SO FRUSTRATING. We've all done the primal scream thing.


  4. Now I remember–once I had to pull over *while still in the parking lot of the pediatrician's office*, get out, and scream a few swear words before I could get back in with the little nutcases. So, yeah.


  5. Those days are so hard!!!! Totally understand, and hope today is a better day! (((hugs)))


  6. Thanks everyone!!

    Becca – I LOL'd at your story!


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