5 Months

Anytime I ever heard someone talking about their baby being 5 months old, I thought that they were no longer really a newborn baby. Like, at that point, they are really developing their personality along with their physical abilities and becoming a little kid. So, how on earth is Evan 5 months old already?

– He’s so good at playing with toys now, and he loves his exersaucer. He can hit and grab with accuracy – even something as small as my knitting needles (don’t worry, I’m holding them at the time!).

– He had his first swimming lessons. He hasn’t enjoyed it so far, but we’re switching to a pool with warmer water, so hopefully that helps.

– He turns his head and looks at us when we say his name (also when we talk to him, but that’s not as cool).

– He can roll to his side from both his back and tummy, and is thisclose to rolling over completely from back to tummy.

– He finally somewhat enjoys tummy time and is doing what he’s supposed to (holding his head up instead of face-planting and screaming).

– His night-time sleeping is still awesome. He usually falls asleep around 7pm and sleeps until 6:30am or so. Sometimes he’ll wake up in the evening, but only for a few minutes. Sometimes he’ll wake up at 5am to do some exercising, but will fall back asleep on his own.

– That being said, he’s in the fighting sleep stage during the day. I have to watch the clock pretty closely, because if he goes to long without a nap, he gets pretty nutso!

– His eyes are still blue – I wonder if they will ever change?


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  1. Happy 5 months birthday!! And kids' eye color usually changes around a year. Jensen was 13 months old before his eyes turned green.


  2. Happy 5 months! I can't believe it's been that long already. He's adorable!


  3. I always thought of six months as a “big baby” (not really a little infant anymore), so in my mind you still have one more month before Evan is a (big) little guy! Hehe!

    I wanted to tell you at James' 4 month appointment the doctor was saying that babies who hate tummy time will take a LOT longer to roll because tummy to back is significantly easier and they don't usually roll from back to belly until they are more like 6 months. So it explains why our little twins are taking so long to start rolling.

    James JUST started to (sort of) enjoy tummy time a little and then he just rolled over for the first time on Friday! So I bet Evan is going to do it any day now, hehe!

    Anyway, he is SO cute, can't believe how big they are both getting!


  4. Wool Free – thanks!

    Amy – I've heard it can take up to two years, so we'll see. I have a couple friends who have babies whose eyes turned color very early on (3 months)!

    GMP – I know, right? Time sure flies!

    Adrienne – that makes sense! He's SO close to rolling from back to tummy, but he hates being on his tummy so just as he's about to go over, he rolls back! LOL! He's doing better at tummy time, but that means he is okay with it for 1-2 minutes now instead of instantaneously crying.


  5. I read it can take up to 18 months for the eye color to change… Lara and Gloria are now almost 3 months. Gloria's eyes are still bright blue, but Lara's have gotten darker and are now a weird shade of greyish-blue-ocher. We're thinking they might turn brown.


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