Powder Room

Two of the major issues we had with this house when we moved in was the horribly ugly and out-of-date kitchen and the lack of a second bathroom on the main floor. However, when considering the house, we realized we could rectify both these issues relatively easily (i.e., it wouldn’t require moving walls or any other major structural changes).

We took care of the kitchen situation as soon as we moved in. I mean, really, could anyone have lived with it as-is? Yuck. We had professionals come in and do it all. We didn’t even paint the walls. Needless to say, it cost us a pretty (but well-worth-it) penny. That, coupled with the expenses of painting the whole interior of the house and putting up new gutters/soffits/etc., we put the second bathroom project on hold for a few months.

About a month ago, we went to a home and garden show and came across this bathroom place that had some interesting fixtures. We started to get excited about the project again, so we decided to get them to give us a quote.

We want to convert a walk-in closet off one of the stair-well landings to a small (very small) powder room. It’s a complete install, so we were thinking it would cost about $5000. The quote was for almost $9000.

DH decided to do most of it himself.

At first I was kind of worried. I mean, he’s a handy guy. His job is very hands on, building these intricate things that I would have NO idea how to do. But, that’s different than doing electrical, duct, and plumbing work. I had nothing to worry about though! He’s done a great job so far, with the very little free time he has. He did all the demo work, and the electrical work is done (he converted the pull-string light to one with a switch, centering it in the ceiling instead of having it off to one side, and installed a GFI outlet) and he’s also installed a ventilation fan (the light and fan are in the same unit, but he had to put the duct work in and have it vent to the outside).

We have chosen the tile (hexagonal to match what is in the other bathroom), the toilet and sink (both corner units), and the faucet. We’ve decided to replace the current leaded window with a stained glass window of the same basic design. I’m in the midst of picking the color of the walls.

The only things we’ll probably have a “professional” do is attaching plumbing to the main line that goes to the city, and changing the swing of the door (the doors are very old, and we don’t want to screw that up). And, of course, the stained glass window will be made and installed, but we’re choosing the design and colors.

We’re not sure how long it’s going to take – it will depend on how much free time DH gets! Stay tuned, though, as I will post photos when it is done.


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  1. This sounds a lot like our house! I'd love to redo my kitchen, but the main bath was worse, so we did that first. A bathroom on the first floor is next on the list, and Partner is doing most of it once we get the plumbing installed. Probably not until next year, though, so I'll be interested to see how yours goes!


  2. Yowza, $9000?!?!?! We're doing a full bath for MUCH less than that! (I suppose it might be a regional thing too) But I'm glad you guys still went through with it! Looking forward to seeing how it all looks at the end!


  3. Liberal Arts Lady – I'd love to hear how your renovations go too!

    Lyss – yeah, it was a bit over the top. We'll probably spend about 1/2 that much, but only because we're going a bit crazy on the fixtures and a stained-glass window! LOL!


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  5. Check your local city office about permits. My town DOES NOT allow even powder rooms under stairs except with certain specs.


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