Wordless(ish) Wednesday

It’s been one year since we moved into our house. Here is what greeted us (photo taken April 22nd, 2010):

Here’s the same view one year later (photo taken on April 18th, 2011):

Will this winter EVER end?


Comments on: "Wordless(ish) Wednesday" (8)

  1. Wow, big difference. I sure share your sentiment!


  2. Wow I so agree! We are finally snow free here but I probably could have taken this sort of a pic last month and that was late for us.


  3. Adrienne – we're snow-free here too, and have been for a few weeks. That snow melted about an hour later, but I just had to take a photo to compare 🙂


  4. Ha! I know you guys are sick of winter, but here, summer showed up two months early and totally deprived us of our usually pleasant spring! It was 90 yesterday! I wonder if there is someplace it's nice all the time. Belize maybe?


  5. I prefer last years photo…I feel your pain. The snow won't end here either.


  6. I hear ya. We had a fuckin' hailstorm yesterday too. The winter will officially never end, I am now certain of it.


  7. Come to Louisiana, winter is far gone!


  8. wow, still snow huh?! (read in the comments not anymore but…. yes, big difference with green leaves and not).

    hopw you get lovely spring soon!!!


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