Knitting Update

One of my goals for 2011 was to knit an afghan.

It’s not going so well.

Back in January, I picked the Penrose pattern because it’s beautiful and mathematical. It’s supposed to be easy to knit up because it’s all in garter stitch. It’s true. The pieces are easy to knit up.

The afghan is split into 8 sections, and each section consists of 8 squares and 12 parallelograms. The squares are knit first, then the parallelograms are knit by picking up stitches off the squares. The large sections are then made up by stitching all those pieces together. The pieces are small enough and done in such a way that the knitting is fun and easy.

Here’s the problem. I hate weaving in ends. HATE it. And with 20 frickin’ pieces (yes, DH, that’s a quarter for the swear jar), that’s a lot of frickin’ (another quarter) ends. My first full section has been stitched together for weeks and I just can’t bring myself to finish it.

Fig. 1: Damn (another quarter) ends.

Comments on: "Knitting Update" (4)

  1. Maybe you could get a friend to weave in the ends for you (I sometimes use my mother) and just keep knitting. Also, as you go forward, try to weave your ends in by carrying the yarn along as you knit — there's how-to videos that explain how to do this — so you don't have to do it with a needle. Or if all else fails, do it while watching your favorite tv show — helps to ease the pain.
    I just finally finished my GAAA and I can't tell you how great it feels to have knit it — even if I didn't have a lot of fun doing it — it's great fun to have it done! Don't lose heart, you can do it!!


  2. Thanks for the support, Wool Free! I think I just hate spending my (currently) limited free time on weaving ends. Maybe I'll just continue with the rest of the afghan and come back to those later 🙂


  3. Anonymous said:

    I agree with Wool Free. Keep knitting and worry about the ends later. Absolutely worst case scenario is that you don't ever weave in the ends and can't give it to anyone — but you'll still have a useable afghan. But man, that is a lot of ends.


  4. Thanks, Anon! You're right – I shouldn't let the stupid ends take away from the fun of knitting up the rest of it.


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