Next week, Evan and I will be flying for the first time. Unfortunately, DH won’t be joining us, which makes me infinitely more nervous! It would be so much easier going 2-on-1.

I’ve mentioned that Evan is a lot less fussy than a couple months ago, which makes me a bit more confident about flying with him. However, there are two problems that do make me worry: 1) he seems to have a fussy period between 5-7pm, and 2) during this period only Daddy seems to be able to calm him down.

These things aren’t necessarily a big problem at home, but they could end up becoming a problem on the plane. Because, of course, one of my flights is from…yup…5-7pm. Good times.

I’m one of those people who are very aware of my actions on other people. I often can be heard saying “sorry” even if it’s the other person who bumped into me. So, the idea of being “one of those parents” on the plane with the screaming child absolutely gives me nightmares. I’m not joking. Last night I practically had an anxiety attack just thinking about it. I know I shouldn’t care, but I do, and that’s not going to change.

I have some plans on how to keep him calm – extra bottles, toys, books, a soother, etc.. I’m going to try and keep him on his routine as much as possible. I’ll feed him or get him to suck on a soother during take-off and landing. I’m bringing some Tylenol, just in case.

Any other tips for that or traveling with baby in general? Is it better to have a window (for more privacy) or an aisle (ease of movement) seat? Anything I should bring that I wouldn’t think of (I’m bringing a days-worth of diapers/milk/wipes, a change of clothes for him and me)?

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  1. Get an aisle seat close to the bathrooms. Practice him having head phones in his ears because most planes provide NickJr. If possible give him his own seat, pull down the tray, and let him play.

    Above all else DON'T APOLOGIZE!!!! Most ADULTS hate flying, imagine how it feels for a baby to have NO idea what is going on or why his ears hurt.

    My first flight I was alone with Jensen in ONE seat. The people around me were so nice when understandably my almost one year old got fussy from being in my lap for 5 hours. Most people understand and anyone who doesn't doesn't deserve an apology!


  2. Oh and YES to a change of clothes for you. Some babies get motion sickness.


  3. Anonymous said:


    I can't help with the baby bit so much, but I can help from the 'other passenger' side… considering how much I fly!

    sounds like you're ready to go! the babies that I've seen crying are the ones who don't have anything to help them with the pressure changes (and it sounds like you've got that covered with the bottles & stuff), or the ones that don't have anything to do (which you've also got covered by the sounds of it).

    My experience tells me that if the parents are prepared for a flight with a baby, sometimes the only reason I know there's a baby on board is because I saw them getting on first ๐Ÿ™‚ there was a baby about Evan's age on my flight 2 days ago – in the row in front of me (an evening flight too!), and I only heard a little bit of crying at the beginning, and didn't hear/notice/smell ๐Ÿ˜› the baby for the rest of the flight.

    hope that helps,



  4. Bring a couple of plastic bags for poopy diapers/clothes.

    He might just sleep the whole time. The hum of the plane always put mine to sleep, no matter if it was their normal sleep time or not.

    Sounds like you're on top of it. Good luck!


  5. I brought my nursing pillow on the plane so that Liam could sleep on it on my lap. Best thing I did. Looking forward to seeing you!


  6. BTW: make sure you bring his birth certificate. Some check-in employees need to see proof that babies are under 2 yrs old or they will charge you for a second ticket. Some are completely incapable of distinguishing a 6month old from a 2yr old.


  7. bring extra clothes and diapers. As in if you think you'll need 2 changes, bring 4. And forget about the other passengers. You have enough shit to worry about without freaking out bc OMG a poor defenseless child is upset. You're doing the best you can and if someone will judge you for it, fuck'em! Good luck!


  8. Anonymous said:

    Hi Alyssa,

    I found that bringing cans of pre-made formula and not the powder stuff was easier because I didn't need to worry about bring water too. They should let you take that through the airport security.

    Ask the flight attendant for hot water to warm the bottle in. I definitely concur with sitting in the aisle, so that you can get up whenever you want to rock Evan if you needed to.

    I'm totally with you on worrying about what other people think. I haven't gotten over that either. My husband always said that I need to worry about the baby and not what other people think.

    You can do it! Best, Quyen


  9. All great suggestions, everyone! Thanks! Keep em coming!


  10. Here's my two bits of experience:

    1) Don't apologize. Infact, do the opposite, depend on the kindness of strangers. When I was traveling alone with my kid, fellow passengers from all over the plane came by to offer me help, because all of them had been on flights with a kid alone, and know how much it sucks. (I now return the favor when I can.) Ask someone to get the thing you forgot to take out of overhead luggage for you, or to unscrew the bottle for you, or whatever it is you need that third hand for.

    2) For a fussy kid, even if you don't normally let your kid suckle for comfort daily, letting him do so on the flight may be a good idea, esp for take off and landing.

    3) If the flight is at all empty, try to get an empty seat next to you. You can put him down to nap (if you are so lucky), and get some rest yourself. Ask a flight attendant to keep an eye out for an empty seat if at all possible for you and the kid. They know what it's like to have a frustrated parent and a grumpy child on board, and will be on your side.

    4)Ask a flight attendant which bathroom has a changing table. Some do, some don't.

    5) If you have a carrier that your child likes to be in, be aware that they cannot be in it during take off, landing, and sometime for turbulence. Some stupid regulation. However, I've found carriers very useful for walking my infant up and down the aisle during other times.

    Best of luck


  11. Thanks, Barefoot Doctoral – and welcome to the blog!


  12. I second bringing the birth certificate, particularly if you have different last names. My mom has a nightmare story about traveling with my little sister related to them having different last names (though if Evan doesn't have his own ticket this might not matter as they wouldn't necessarily know his last name).

    For what it's worth, as a passenger I am rarely troubled by crying babies (unless it is a midnight flight or something when I'm trying to sleep, and even then I feel sympathy for the parents). Mostly, I just feel bad for the poor parents trying to soothe their baby in such trying conditions. Most people I talk to feel the same way.


  13. Make sure you check Evan in when you get to the airport, if you haven't bought him his own ticket. The people who boarded us when we traveled got annoyed on our first flight because we didn't know we needed to do this…they evidently need this for their manifest. Held up the line and everything.

    Also, if you plan on bringing stroller/carseat with you, you can check it at the gate. Just remember to get the employee at the desk to give you a baggage claim tag before you board – keeps them from having to stop and do it when you're boarding. Also made our boarding take longer.

    Other than that, I second being close to the bathroom and bringing a change of clothes – Monkey had a blow-out on one flight and I had to rush him back and change him before the plane landed.


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