Summer Bucket List

MJ over at Livin’ the Dream has three months left on her maternity leave, and she has vowed to make the most of it by writing a summer bucket list.

I’ll admit, I’m a bit jealous. One thing about going back to work early is that I won’t have a full summer to spend with Evan. So, MJ’s list has inspired me to put together my own summer bucket list, in order to have lots of things to look forward to over the next few months and still feel like I’m getting a summer with my little man.

So, in no particular order:

– Go to a London Major’s game as a family
– Go to Storybook Gardens
– Go to Pioneer Village
– Visit the community pool at least a couple of times
– Head to the beach in Port Stanley at least once
– Go to the Toronto Zoo
– Go strawberry picking
– Take in a Bluejays game
– Go to the Fanshawe Lake Conservation Area
– Visit Sarnia for lunch
– Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto
– Go hiking
– Go to the summer festivals
– See a London FC game
– Have the ILs visit

– Fly kites
– Picnics in the park
– set up the kiddie pool in the backyard
– Have lots of BBQs


Comments on: "Summer Bucket List" (5)

  1. Sounds like a fun summer ahead! What a good idea, I think I might still the summer to-do list idea. Happy to know you're a fellow list-lover 🙂


  2. We must literally be neighbours. From St. Thomas I recognize many of the places you have listed in your bucket list.

    Do pop over to my blog and say hello.


  3. No Reason Needed – I'm in London! Too funny!


  4. As soon as I saw your list I determined you must be a Londoner like me!
    I am hosting a Summer Bucket List party this week an will definitely share your ideas with the group.


  5. Noah's Mom – nice to see some local women on the blog! If you have any other great ideas for a summer bucket list in the area, let me know!


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