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A few months ago, I got bangs. While I love them, I’m just not happy with the style of the rest of my hair. It was a bit too “cute” for my liking, rather than sophisticated. Here is what I’m currently working with:

Fig. 1: Current, very blah, hair (sorry for the not-so-good photo, but you get the point).
I’m often seen with my hair up these days because I just don’t know what to do with it anymore. I’ve had my hair cut twice since then to fix the situation, but it hasn’t turned out how I wanted. I think something somewhat drastic needs to be done.

I got a hair consultation done with a real stylist today, and she gave me a couple of good ideas. But, I’m not sure which direction to go. So, my dear readers, what do you think?

Fig. 2: Should I keep the length and put a ton of layers in it (the last time I got my hair cut, I asked for this look and it obviously didn’t happen)?


Fig. 3: Should I cut it shorter into a sleek bob-style?
Which hair cut should I get?
Longer layers
Shorter bob free polls


Comments on: "Hair Poll" (12)

  1. I like the shorter sleek bob idea. I would have suggested it myself it it hadn't been suggested already. I say if you really want a change then go for the dramatic. It's just hair and if you don't like it then you can let it grow back.


  2. I like the shorter bob. I think you have a longer oval face shape that would pull it off very well, and it is a big enough change that you will really feel like you have done something different


  3. I was totally going to suggest the sleek bob look for you, Alyssa. Very sophisticated and I agree that that's what you need to do if you want something drastic.


  4. Also – I might suggest going even shorter so that you can't put it up. This is what I had to do to avoid constantly putting it up – it made me actually have to “do” my hair, but maybe you aren't as lazy and would do your hair without having to chop it off! 😉


  5. The thing with the short bob is that if you have thick hair that is not totally straight unless you blow it out (like mine), it is a very high maintenance cut. Especially if you get it angled like the middle picture.

    Longer layers can work either way – perfectly styled or just casual. I've been taking a photo to my hair stylist that's similar to the Heidi Klum one you've posted here, but not quite:

    I'd suggest something more along those lines, where the layers are longer rather than right around your face if you want to get away from the “cute” look.

    Good luck!


  6. I agree with Andrea. your hair probably isn't straight enough to make the bob an easy style. Go for the longer layers!


  7. I vote the short, angled cut of the middle pick. Get a hair straightener if your hair is super curly. Otherwise its awesome. I have thick, naturally curly hair that I blow straight. My FAVOURITE cut was the posh spice style bob. If it wasn't for the alopecia I now have, I would still have the cut.


  8. I vote for the short bob…the middle pic. Even if your hair is wavy it still gives you another way to style your hair. I find that I don't want to be stuck doing my hair the exact same way all the time. Then again I just chopped ALL my hair off…even shorter then before.


  9. I voted for the “bob” and the middle picture would be my choice. But key to getting the right look is to pay for a top stylist — once you've got the great cut, cheaper hairdressers can follow the line but it's worth it to get someone who REALLY knows how to cut hair. And what about tossing in a few highlights for drama?


  10. Thanks for your comments and suggestions, everyone!

    Ella – the stylist warned me about going too short (i.e., nothing above the jaw-line), as it would just accentuate how round my face is. So, mid-neck length would probably be the shortest.

    Andrea/Nina – my hair is very fine and fairly straight (and I'm used to blow-drying in the morning), so the bob might not be such a problem.

    SM – I have a hair straightener and I love it 🙂

    MJ – that's a good point, and I want to see a picture of your new hair!

    Wool Free – that is a very good piece of advice, thank you! I've spent the last 2-3 haircuts not getting what I want, so I'm definitely going to a real stylist. As much as I would love to do highlights, I've always found it such a pain to keep up. So, I'll probably stay away from that for now.


  11. I would suggest something short and roundish looking. I'm also thinking of cutting my hair. The babies are pulling it out, and it takes forever to dry. Just that DH likes the curls, sigh 😉


  12. I have fine, thin, straight hair with an angled bob and side bangs. I love it. It grows out really well too. However, even straight hair isn't necessarily sleek and smooth, so I bust out the flat iron when I want it to look nice and stylish.


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