I Did It!

I went for a bike ride on Saturday morning, and it was wonderful!

It took a little convincing to get the universe to let me go though. I got on my bike and noticed the tires were flat, so we had to pump them up (we, because I couldn’t figure out how to use our pump properly :P).

After that, I jumped on the bike and no less than 2 minutes into my ride, the chain fell off. It got stuck so badly that I had to walk it home and get DH to yank it out with pliers.

Third time was a charm though, and I went for a 45 minute ride. I chose to ride along the paths mostly, as drivers in this city are awful to say the least. The path system here is apparently quite extensive, and it really is beautiful. It was like being in a whole different city!

This is something I think I will enjoy doing at least twice a week. If I do keep it up, though, I will need to invest in a new bike. This one is very cheap (yes, inexpensive, but also cheap, in a piece-of-crap kind of way), and I could feel every bump. My butt was incredibly sore in the end (Ha). The gear shifting system also sucks (gears changed randomly, other times they wouldn’t change properly). Any bike suggestions (not ubber expensive though – under $500 for sure)?

DH and I might also try to get out together, but have him on roller blades pushing Evan in his stroller. That way, we can all get exercise together! We will probably do a short test drive to see how Evan likes going faster in his stroller before we do a longer trip.

I’ve also been doing well with some of my other plans I mentioned last time, and I’m starting to feel better about life in general. Hopefully that will be enough motivation to keep it up.


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  1. That's great!
    Definitely check out Crsigslist/Kijiji for bikes. I bought my last two bikes on Craigslist. There is typically a good selection and I have been able to get great delas on bikes that I would never have been able to pay full price for.


  2. Hi! First of all, long-time lurker, first-time poster (astro postdoc and bike geek :D)…

    If you want to save $$, both the problems you mentioned can actually be fixed by repairing/upgrading the bike you have now! 🙂 For the bumps, you can get a more comfortable seat. They make good ones that are women-specific (they fit our wider pelvic bones), and they also make awesome gel-filled squishy covers that increase comfort level.

    The gear issue actually means that your derailleurs (the systems that shifts your gears) need to be tweaked/adjusted, which can be done by any bike shop and should be a quite cheap procedure. Ask the bike shop to give it a general once-over – they may find a few other small tweaks that will help you out even more!

    Just a suggestion for a cheaper way to make your ride a lot more comfortable right away! Then you can take the time to look around and pick the perfect next bike for you when you want to upgrade (and I can *highly* recommend Craigslist as well!)

    Good luck, happy riding!


  3. I bought a Cypress by Giant Bikes two years ago, and I LOVE it! It was about $360 (new), rides well, and has a super comfy seat. I didn't know enough about what I wanted to go through Kijiji/Craigslist, though I have heard of many people finding amazing bikes through there!


  4. Liz – thanks for the suggestion! Once I figure out what kind of bike I'd like, I'll definitely look at Kijiji/Craigslist.

    Em – welcome to the comment section 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions! This bike is REALLY cheap ($70), so I'm not sure if it will be worth doing much too. But, I do plan on keeping it the rest of this year, then get a new bike over the winter or next spring. So, it might be a good idea!

    Lyss – That's one thing I'm worried about with using Kijiji and the like. Thanks for the bike suggestion!


  5. YEY! Biking is awesome! I love it.
    By far the best bike for the money is the brand Marin http://www.marinbikes.com/2011/ – David, I, Jeff, Reagan can all attest to that. Mine is the best I've ever owned, it's light enough to carry up 2 floors, and mine cost $500 (the street bike hybrid, I have the Larkspur). I had a cheap one before, and the difference is enormous. Wow, they should pay me for posting this… But I'm serious, the joy of cycling was multiplied many times when I got that bike. Plus, it's beautiful… 🙂


  6. Theresa – thanks for the recommendation!


  7. I love my cycle commute into work along the river. The sun sparkles differently across the water everyday. Plus, I'm on a happy adrenaline high when I walk into the office. Try out a bunch of different bikes in your price range and go with what feels best. A good bike shop will have lots of suggestions for you.


  8. Ricki D – there is a bike shop right across the street from me. So, I plan on going there and trying out a few bikes and asking their advice. Thanks!


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