10 Months

Holy crap – 10 months already, eh? I totally agree with the Yarn Harlot, who recently wrote about the time-warp that is parenting (some days crawl, but the years zip by).

– Evan has learned how to crawl on his hands and knees, but for now still prefers the army/Spiderman method. He has gotten pretty fast!

– He is pulling himself up to standing more frequently these days. He has figured out how to transition from standing to sitting too.

– He can finally transition easily from lying down to sitting up. This was harder for him than pulling himself up for some reason!

– He often gets into the downward dog yoga pose – we think this is him trying to learn how to stand up on his own after seeing multiple kids at daycare use the same method.

– He’s starting to use really cute intonation when he “talks” – he can definitely portray things like disappointment, confusion, excitement, among normal baby things (sadness, anger, etc.).

– We just love watching him play. We wonder what’s going on in his mind when he does things like this:

– My favorite thing for this month: Evan has a girlfriend at daycare! They are the two youngest babies, and apparently they play together quite a bit. She comes to the door to greet him in the morning, and blows him kisses at the end of the day when I pick him up. Way too cute for words.

Happy 10 months, my cute-opotamus!


Comments on: "10 Months" (5)

  1. One day when she wa still a baby, I showed up to pick Petunia up from day care, and she was holding hands with another little baby. So cute.

    Happy 10 months!


  2. I think Jake has a girlfriend at daycare, too. She's an older woman, and I'm not sure he's noticed her yet. But it's really cute to see her reaction when I drop him off in the mornings. πŸ™‚

    Happy 10 months, Evan!


  3. Happy 10 months, Evan!
    He's just to die for. Does he look a lot like DH? I would say he has your eyes and eyebrows, but I'm guessing he takes a lot after DH?


  4. Cloud – aw! So cute!

    Mandy – Haha! Those older women πŸ˜‰

    CMP – everyone says he's a mini DH, but has my eyes/eyebrows.


  5. (CMP = GMP of course!)


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