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I’ve decided that I’m going to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week. Because of this, I want to make the most of my posts, so more often than not, I will now have a Wednesday post with words. Those of you who like my Wordless Wednesday posts, have no fear, I will still post a WW picture. There just might be some words that may or may not be related!

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao: A Book Review

This is the second of two books chosen for our book club’s summer reading. And, no offense to the lovely lady that picked it, but it sucked (I’m not that sorry, since I have a feeling she feels the same way).

I cannot believe this book won the Pulitzer frickin’ Prize. Seriously?

Not only was it an incredibly boring story, but the writing was annoying in that I had no idea who was telling the story at any given time. The worst part, though, was the 5-10 Spanish phrases that were in the text on each page.

Now, before you start telling me that it’s part of the culture of the book, and I should broaden my horizons, blah, blah, blah – I don’t care that there was Spanish in the book. What I do care about is a) I felt like I missed the punch line to pretty much everything in the book, and b) it was really distracting and took away from the story (which sucked anyway). Yes, I suppose I could have had a translator open while I read the book, but having to do that 5-10 times per page would have been just a tiny bit tedious. Why couldn’t Junot Diaz put the English phrase in brackets or as a footnote? I mean, shit, he LOVES footnotes.

I HATED the footnotes. The longest footnotes in history, I dare say. I stopped reading them after the first chapter, because I just didn’t give a shit.

It sucked. Period. I give it a 0.5/5, because I’m sure there was some sort of redeeming moment in it. Somewhere. I don’t remember, but I have to believe it.

(And yes, this book was the reason for my last post).

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Comments on: "Wednesday With Words" (6)

  1. LOL. I think this might be one of my favourite book reviews! I do agree with most of it, had many of the same issues.

    I didn't think the story was boring but the constantly changing perspectives and focus made it hard to really get into it. The Spanish was frustrating. For a while, I did have a translator open on my computer while I read but even that didn't recognize half the terms so I gave up. I couldn't NOT read the footnotes but it's true that they were too long and mostly useless.

    I liked the parts that were told from Belicia's point of view and…what's Oscar's sister's name? Her point of view also. I also liked the running motif of the man without a face and the Mongoose. I'm still thinking about those. But other than that, I don't get the Pulitzer win either.

    I guess I should be saving some of this for our meeting, shouldn't I? Along with a public apology πŸ˜‰


  2. πŸ™‚ Love the ranty review!


  3. What's interesting is how mad/annoyed I was when I was reading this book. Usually, if I don't like a book, I'll get through it, give it a 2/5, and move on. But, for some reason, I was so pissed off that I was wasting my time reading this book that I was planning parts of this post for a couple of weeks. I think the 0.5/5 rating is more for this book completely wasting my precious time than how much it sucked (which it did, but probably not 0.5/5 suckage).


  4. This was an awesome review. I'm sorry the book annoyed you so much, but at least you got some great blog fodder out of it πŸ™‚

    p.s. captcha word is pants, which in England means rubbish, like your book πŸ™‚


  5. What?! I loved this book! It was a totally different voice from what I usually read (which is similar to what you tend to read, I think), and showed me a world that was unfamiliar to me. I thought the footnotes were great because they provided interesting context in a witty, beatnik-type voice. The Spanish phrases did frustrate me, but I had a translator open and that did the trick.

    That said, I loved your review!


  6. EcoGeoFemme – I'm kind of glad someone out there liked this book, because it gives reason for the award!


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