– Evan had/has croup, and has been pretty miserable all week. It’s been tough for him to sleep because he gets all congested when he lies down, and the hacking cough keeps him up as well. Needless to say, Mom and Dad haven’t been sleeping well either.

– Yesterday, I started feeling really sick too. Now I have a brutally sore throat. Can adults get croup? Or is it just a bad cough/sore throat for us?

– Evan is FINALLY crawling on his hands and knees consistently. I guess he’s figured out that it’s more efficient than the army/spiderman crawl.

– My job is FINALLY official!! I had been working as a post-doc since June, waiting for HR to post the job, go through the interview process, and get an offer. The contract was signed yesterday, so HORRAY!

– DH’s sister and her daughter (who is 1.5 months younger than Evan) are coming to visit for the weekend! We are very excited to meet our little niece, and I’m sure we’ll be taking 100s of photos of the babies together.

Happy long weekend, everyone!


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  1. Not sure if you can get croup – but I hope you feel better and little Evan too!! No fun! Yeah about the crawling and the job offer!! and Have a great weekend!


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  3. You can get the parainfluenzae virus that causes croup, but it won't cause the same cough Evan has. In fact, it should be much milder all around. Most likely it won't interfere too much with your weekend; just try to get a little extra rest (hah!)

    Congrats on the job offer, and have a great weekend! 🙂


  4. Congrats on your new job!
    If your throat is really sore when you swallow and really red, it's worth testing for strep. I recently had one kid with strep and another with some kind of cough, so it might happen that you and Evan have different ailments…
    Get well soon!


  5. sucks about being sick but awesome on the crawling and the job.


  6. Awwwww, I hope both of you feel better soon.


  7. I was going to say pretty much what Dr.O said, but without the big words: croup for grown ups is a sore throat. And sometimes, I lost my voice.

    My first got croup lots. It was fun.

    I hope everyone feels better soon!


  8. Congrats!

    My DC didn't do the army crawl… just the opposite… only scooted with legs. It wasn't until he started daycare that he realized he could use his arms too.


  9. Jess – thanks! And we're both feeling better now, though it was a tough weekend for me (Evan was better by Thursday).

    Dr. O – well, if that's what happened, then I'm a big wuss! LOL! I was out pretty much the whole weekend with fever/chills and a brutal sore throat and cough. Good times.

    GMP – I actually did end up going to the doctor, but he said it was viral. Thankfully it feels better now.

    ScientistMother – thanks!

    MJ – we do now!

    Cloud – I also lost my voice, so sounds like croup! I hope Evan doesn't get it often, since it was tough for him to deal with. We'll see though.

    nicoleandmaggie – I find Evan learns a lot of things from his daycare friends. It's pretty neat!


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