Fall Bucket List

At the beginning of the summer, I wrote down a bucket list of things I wanted us to do. How did we do?

Go to a London Major’s game as a family
– Go to Storybook Gardens
Go to Pioneer Village
– Visit the community pool at least a couple of times
Head to the beach in Port Stanley at least once
Go to the Toronto Zoo
– Go strawberry picking
– Take in a Bluejays game
Go to the Fanshawe Lake Conservation Area
– Visit Sarnia for lunch
Celebrate Canada Day in Toronto
– Go hiking
Go to the summer festivals
– See a London FC game
Have the ILs visit
– Fly kites
Picnics in the park
– set up the kiddie pool in the backyard
Have lots of BBQs

Hmmm…we didn’t do as well as I had hoped. Some of the things we realized just weren’t suitable for Evan (Jay’s game would have been way too much, he’s not old enough for Storybook Gardens). Some things I’m not particularly sad about (strawberry picking, hiking). Somethings were totally doable, and I wish we had done them (fly kites, go to the community pool — I’m really bummed about not doing that one).

Of course, we ended up doing lots of other stuff that wasn’t on this list. So, overall, I think we had a good summer and enjoyed ourselves.

Now that Fall is upon us, how about a new bucket list?

– Get family photos taken
– Cook an awesome Thanksgiving dinner
– Celebrate Evan’s first birthday (with at least a cake!)
– Dress up Evan for Halloween and go to some sort of an event
– Go to a pumpkin patch
– Go to parks/playgrounds
– Play in the leaves
– Take numerous walks in our lovely neighborhood
– Bake an apple pie
– Take a day or two off with DH
– Knit a sweater for Evan

Any must-dos for your Fall?


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  1. Apple picking!


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