Not There Anymore

So, apparently I’m not 22 anymore. I’m not sure when this happened but, according to the calendar, it was about 10 years ago.

Last week, I had a photo taken for a staff/faculty event that is being held today. They put up photos of all the new people, as a way to introduce them. The photographer sent me the photo and, although it’s nice, I couldn’t help thinking that I looked old. Or at least older than I feel.

It’s funny, I still feel like I look the same as I did 10 years ago. But, comparing this new photo to others over the years, there is definitely a difference. I have wrinkles around my eyes and mouth, and my skin is not nearly as “glowing” as it used to be.

You hear about this aging thing, but you just assume it won’t happen to you.

Submitted to the 3rd quarter Scientiae, hosted by Patchi at My Middle Years.

Comments on: "Not There Anymore" (6)

  1. I know what you mean — wait until you start looking just like your mother — that's what therapy is for. LOL


  2. Oh man, I know what you mean. I look at the pics taken when I started my TT position in 2004, and there is definitely a difference. I weigh more and there is this sagginess in the face that wasn't there before. As you say, I definitely look older than I feel (I think I still feel I am in my 20's). My mom says she still feels like that, like a very young person, but the body is way past it… It's no fun.


  3. Yep, me too: I never think I look old until I see a photo from a few years ago in which I look younger than I do now!

    We're wiser now, though, right?!



  4. Wool Free – LOL!

    GMP – I guess it's a good thing to feel young, but it would sure be nice to look that way too.

    Cath – I sure hope so, because what else do we have now???


  5. I absolutely know what you mean! I get mistaken for a student ALL. THE. TIME. but the camera doesn't lie: there are wrinkles and grays that are clearly there now.


  6. Unbalanced Reaction – it happens to the best of us, right?


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