When I started my new job in June, our Centre was given an office that I would share with the other new staff member. Though it is an interior office, it is still rather nice. It’s on an inside corner, so we have windows on two sides. It’s rather large, and can easily fit our two desks and all the outreach supplies.

But, when we moved in, we were told it was only temporary – like most other space allocations at the university. Space is a premium around here. Especially good space.

So, last Friday afternoon we were told that we will be moving (okay, it was more like “get the hell out of that office ASAP!!”) to a new office the following Monday. The office is about half the size of our previous office, and is in the basement. Not only are we being downsized, but we’re being downgraded.

It kind of sucks, but that’s the way it goes at our university (I assume this is a regular occurrence at most universities though). Plus, we’re only allowed to stay in this office for six months. So, more than likely, we’ll be moving again soon.

The Dean has promised to have a permanent space set up for us before that happens, so hopefully that’s the case and we can finally get settled (and put our office number on our brochures, business cards, and website).

What are the issues with space at your place of work?

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  1. Ohhh I'm right there with you, as you know! I got kicked out of my office completely and they didn't even TRY to pretend they were going to try to find me a new space. And they wonder why our department doesn't have a feeling of community. Sorry that you've been downgraded – that just sucks, especially being a PAID member of the department. Hope it's truly temporary. You need windows!


  2. I sit by a window, but I'm in an open area and I long for a door I can close to make people leave me alone when I'm trying to concentrate… I get SO many interruptions each day, plus there's a lot of background noise in this open-plan area. I'm not 100% sure I'd trade for a windowless office, but I'd be sorely tempted!


  3. p.s. if I had an office and it got taken away from me, I'd be royally pissed too!


  4. Ella – that is super frustrating! At our university, graduate students *must* be provided a work-space. Does your university have a similar policy?

    Cath – hmmm…I honestly don't know what I would choose. Getting interrupted constantly would be a giant nuisance too!


  5. Awww! That picture – that's 50% Alyssa and 50% your DH! Amazing!
    As for office – it seems like the trick is to avoid universities… which can be a bit hard…..


  6. Wow that's such a great policy – I'm jealous! No, grad students are not guaranteed work space at my school, and in fact you only really have a chance at getting one if you have an assistantship, which they are no longer able to offer me as of this year. BOO!


  7. Working here, at the ripe old age of 38 I finally had my own office. By which I mean somebody else's office, but with a very nice window. When she returned from mat leave, her first official task was to kick me out into the windowless office next to it.

    When we move to our new building in 2013, she will once again have a windowed (corner) office… and I will once again be next door. With, I think, no window. And by then I'll be eight years older, and clearly too ancient to make any kind of coherent point (unlike now, obviously).


  8. Theresa – yes, it's nice to see he has a bit of me in him these days.

    Ella – well, I guess it's the same thing here (I believe you have to have a Teaching Assistantship to get space, but everyone gets one).

    Richardipus – That just blows goats.


  9. On the plus side, it is strategically located far from both (a) the front desk, and (b) the boss.


  10. I recently made the change to working in a high-profit sector and it's amazing how much the “little things” improve your day-to-day work life… free espresso from the kitchen, free fruit platters for the staff, corner office (although open-plan) in front of giant windows, giant desk, and very substantial computing power!

    At one point they were going to put a uni student's desk in my corner and shuffle me aside about two meters. I gently complained to the office manager, she apologized and then it didn't happen. Morale is high throughout my workplace and we all feel very valued. I think academia is great and I wish public universities generated the profits to give their staff the working conditions they deserve – as in the private sector.


  11. Ricardpus – two definite bonuses there!

    Marlene – that sounds like a dream! I agree that universities should find ways to give their staff better working conditions.


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