Apparently, fundraising for school activities begins before your child is 1 these days. Yes, this week, we received a catelogue for Tupperware in order to sell to our family and friends.

Luckily, they have said (numerous times) that we are by no means obligated to do any fundraising, but it has still given us a glimpse into our future: where we will not only obligated, but required to fundraise, volunteer our time, or have to cut a cheque to cover the difference between some pre-defined minimum amount and what we actually can sell.

In elementary school, I remember being sent home with catelogues for various fundraising opportunities. There were book sales, Christmas decorations/wrapping paper, and bake sales. In high school, it got slightly more serious with Entertainment books (very large coupon books that were $40 each), and having to staff Bingo’s.

My parents didn’t buy into the idea where they had to hit up their family, friends, and co-workers to raise money for a program or school. They would typically buy a couple of items, and that was that (DH’s family was the same). I sure the heck didn’t have the personality to do it either. I didn’t mind the Bingo model though, since we were merely working as staff for a service that was already being offered. We weren’t putting people out by doing it. I think DH and I will have a similar mentality toward these types of things.

As for the Tupperware fundraiser: apparently the daycare only receives 10-40% of the sale, depending on the items. So, we’re just going to make a straight-up donation. They get 100% of the cash and we don’t have solicit our family and friends. I figure it’s a win-win.

What kind of fundraising did you do in school? What did your parents do about it?

If you’re a parent, how often does this happen, anyway? What do you do?


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  1. you are correct that it just gets worse as they get older. as we have no family in the area and all of our friends are also selling the crap and I think the ROI is just absurd, like you I generally make a donation that covers the percentage the school would receive if I bought crap that I don't want or need. The exception will be GS cookies, which apparently sell themselves on college campuses these days. Just put a note on your door and they will come, I'm told.


  2. Our daycare has 4-5 fundraisers per year. It's usually good stuff, like Yankee Candles, or children's books, so we usually buy a few things. But we don't sell to family/friends/co-workers. Actually I don't think they expect anyone to do that.


  3. We just didn't do this in England when I was growing up – not sure if it's creeping in now. My sister and I were both in various bands and orchestras, so my parents did pay for plenty of concert and play tickets (and for plenty of terrible refreshments at said concerts). My Dad was also on the PTA committee(Parent-Teacher Association – do they have those here?) at both my primary and my secondary school, which was a fairly arduous commitment, and they both went to a lot of my sister's sporting events, but that was about it.


  4. feMOMhist – Yes, I could see having no issue selling GG cookies. Everyone wants those! Speaking of which, I should try to find someone who is selling those this year…

    DRo – They gave us a sheet with a list of who to sell too, so it seems to be expected here.

    Cath – I think it's also a generational thing. Schools and programs just have less money these days, so more and more are putting their hands out. We do have PTAs here too 🙂


  5. Ray did fundraising when he went to private school. But our public school district in town is very well funded and we don't have fundraising. (I know… gasp, gasp.) But he does sell popcorn for cub scouts, which I always hit my co-workers up on, since they are always hitting me up for their kids.


  6. I just got my first fundraising catalog from my sons preschool. Gasp- I can't believe I have to do fundraising in preschool when I am already paying for the school-*sigh*. I'm not sure what my angle is going to be on this. We have two boys in the same school. I do find it irritating. Oh well! I'll probably purchase a few items myself and just be done with it. I have to buy wrapping paper for all the birthday parties we are invited to anyway – LOL!


  7. csdesigner – welcome! It's such a hard decision, isn't it? I feel like we're setting the precedent for years to come! LOL!


  8. Ugh, fundraisers for daycare? Don't you already *pay* for daycare? Sigh.

    Our toddler group had a fundraiser of some cool local coupon books but that was to raise $ for scholarships to the group for lower income folks, so I bought one. But didn't hit up other people.

    I am so not looking forward to this as my kid goes to school…


  9. ARC – I guess they were fundraising for supplies so they could do something special for the kids at Christmas (they're putting on a party, and the adults are invited too). But, yeah, I'm not happy about how this will just keep getting worse!


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