Daycare Art

One of the cutest things about daycare is the little art projects they do. Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Fig. 1: Marble art. They put a bunch of marbles in paint, and the kids pick them out and rub/roll/etc. them on the paper.

Fig. 2: A butterfly made from Evan’s hand and foot prints.

Fig. 3: What Thanksgiving would be complete without a hand-turkey?

They also have little parties at the centre. In August, they had a Teddy Bear Picnic, where all the kids brought their favorite teddy bear to daycare. In the afternoon, they all went outside and had a picnic with their teddy bears. How cute is that?

Fig. 4: Evan’s first certificate.

This month, they had a Thanksgiving dinner last Friday, and they’ll be having a Halloween party on the 31st – I’m sure the photos from that day will be awesome.

Have I mentioned how much we love this daycare? It was really tough for the first week or so (on me), but we are so happy that we went this route. Evan absolutely adores it, and really likes the staff and the other kids. They do all sorts of fun things – art, parties, and the older kids go on field trips a couple times per month. Their menu is way better than anything I eat during the week (seriously – it’s a bit sad). All the older kids apparently just love Evan – he gets kisses when he arrives in the morning, and they play with him during outdoor time. So sweet 🙂


Comments on: "Daycare Art" (6)

  1. 🙂

    And handprint/footprint art is totally the best.


  2. They don't do cute crafts like this at Liam's dayhome 😦 Perhaps it's time I break out the finger paints at home?? Very cute art.


  3. nicoleandmaggie – I always think about how long it must take to clean all the kids after! LOL!

    Cath – Indeed 🙂

    MJ – definitely! Could be fun!


  4. I love toddler art! We mail about half of ours to the grandmas to enjoy. 🙂 Finger paint, sidewalk paint, markers, colored pencil… all kinds of small-child fun.


  5. Jenny – that's a cute idea to send the art to grandparents!


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