A post over at FeMOMhist got me thinking if my blog fits nicely into one category or the other. Or, even better, what kind of blog do my readers view it as?

So, here’s a poll (if you answer other, please expand in the comments):

How would you categorize this blog?
Alternative Science Career
Other category (please comment)
Doesn’t fit in to a category free polls


Comments on: "Categorize" (11)

  1. To be honest, I thought it was a “mommy blog” until you changed your picture! Now it's nestled in the “science phd mom” section of my mental categories.


  2. That's tricky. I have you blog categorized as science/academia in my Google Reader because I originally linked to here from the comments of a more 'standard' academia blog a couple of years ago and you were post-docing at the time.
    If I had found your blog 6 months ago, it would probably be in the parenting category. And, the aspect that is of most interest to me is the alternative science career side of things.

    I voted “Doesn't fit into a catagory” and those are actually my favourite type of blogs because of the variety


  3. I voted “other” – I see it as a 'personal' blog, a way for people to know a bit about what's going on in your life!


  4. “all of the above, and that's a good thing”


  5. I'm clicked over to say all of the above, and like cath, I think thats a good thing!


  6. nicoleandmaggie – how interesting that changing my photo changed your perception of the blog!

    Liz – the main content of the blog definitely has changed over time. Perhaps that's why I find it tough to put it into a single category.

    Lyss – I was thinking of adding “life blog” to the list, so I can see where you're coming from!

    Cath/SM – I'm glad my inability to stick to one topic is seen as a positive thing! LOL!


  7. Agree, all of the above!


  8. Nina – thanks for voting!

    So far, “parenthood/motherhood” is winning out. Is it bad that I feel a bit saddened by that? Maybe I need to write about other stuff more…


  9. I voted 'other' because to me it's a life-with-science blog… my favourite kind!


  10. JaneB – another great category!


  11. I think of the 'scientist mother' blogs as being a different category. If they talk mostly about kids, that helps me understand how they balance the kid part of their life with the rest. If they talk mostly about career, that helps me understand how they balance the career part. I don't read that many blogs and I hardly ever read 'mommy blogs'. This is not because I have anything against them; when I have read them they have been interesting. I also don't read parenting books very often. Anyway, I put “alternative science career” in the vote because most of your content is, in my head, related to the fact that you are a scientist with an alternative career.


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