Fig. 1: First thing on his birthday-day (he’s much more awake than either I or DH).

Fig. 2: Opening presents!

Fig. 3: Birthday Jell-O (he had cake at daycare, so we didn’t want him to have that twice in one day).

Fig. 4: Singing “Happy Birthday” to the little man at his second birthday celebration.

Fig. 5: Eating cake 🙂

Fig. 6: Actually kept the hat on long enough for me to get a cute-ish photo of him. Happy birthday, little man!

Comments on: "W(ish)W – Evan’s Birthday" (7)

  1. Cute photos! I love his expression in the first one, especially. Happy bday Evan!!!


  2. happy birthday Evan — cute as pie!


  3. Happy birthday to your little one. And in reference to your previous post on space exploration debate, I just wanted to say that it is awesome that you teachers are able to shift gears like that and take the lesson in the direction it needs to go, whether it's exactly what you planned or not. Cool debate!


  4. Thanks Ella and Wool Free (that's from Evan)

    Common Household Mom – welcome to the blog! And about the debate, this was actually a session for gifted kids, so the teacher is allowed to do that ALL THE TIME. Isn't that fabulous?


  5. Ah, I missed it! So sorry 😦 But belatedly all the best wishes to Evan's first birthday and congratulations to you too for being a wonderful mommy!


  6. Bee – thank you!


  7. I know I am way late on here – but it looks like you guys had a great birthday for him! He is such a cutie pie. I just want to squeeze him! I seriously can't believe he is a year – where did time go. I thought our little ones were going to be little forever!!


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