Isaac’s a Boob

I got my cat, Isaac, when I moved to Winnipeg for my masters at the very end of 2002.

Fig. 1: Isaac.

We have been through a lot together: moving five times (once to another city), driving half-way across the country, two cats (a male cat, Claude, who died a few years ago, and now a female cat, Isabella), and of course the addition of a husband and baby. I love him. He’s my cuddle buddy, and he still sleeps with me every night. I’ve often told DH that if I had to choose between him and Isaac, Isaac would win because we’ve been together longer (DH does not find this particularly funny, but I think I’m being cute).

But, recently I sometimes want to drop-kick the damn cat across the room.

He has this incredibly annoying habit of doing this howling/meowing thing just as Evan is nodding off for the night at about 7pm. Then, he does the same damn thing when DH and I go to bed a few hours later and are just starting to fall asleep.

I don’t know why he does it, but I do know how to shut him up: I have to practically mail him a written invitation to get into bed with us. I can’t just call him once. Nope. I have to call him 3-4 times before he comes upstairs. Then, once he’s in the vicinity of our bedroom, I have to tap the bed. He’ll come closer, but will sit beside the bed, waiting for me to make room beside me and tap the bed while saying “come on, Isaac”. Finally, after this 5-minute dance, he’ll come on to the bed and lie down.

Sometimes that’s it for the night. Sometimes it’s not — he’ll jump down five minutes later to go check something out and then the whole process starts again.

Isaac, I love you buddy, but SHUT THE HELL UP, ALREADY!


Comments on: "Isaac’s a Boob" (6)

  1. We got a mini water pistol for just such occasions.


  2. Sorry… I'm just in awe that your son goes to sleep at 7. We haven't had such an early bedtime since Petunia was just a few months old!


  3. My damn cat has started the same thing, but not at bedtime, at 3:30 every morning. I swear, for a few weeks, I could set my clock by it. And we have to get up, follow him to whatever he wants to show us, and then let him follow us back to bed, where he needs the invitation to jump up. It's ridiculously needy and annoying. But he's so cute!


  4. yep, my eskimo cat loves to “talk” to me just as I fall asleep. every damn time. i love you buddy but you are quickly earning yourself a pass to sleep on the couch forever.

    sometimes they just feel left out & i think they are acting out to try to tell you that.


  5. nicoleandmaggie – we had a spray bottle for such occasions…where is that thing?

    Cloud – LOL! Funny what people pick out as relevant in a post about meowing cats 🙂

    RS – what we do for our cats, right?

    Lisa C. – I think you're right. The poor guy doesn't get near the amount of attention as he used to before Evan was around.


  6. Alyssa – I had to laugh because it sounds like my dog and I – except that's me trying to get her to come in from outside.

    I love Mac! Have since the day we brought her home almost 7 years ago. But the darn thing NEVER comes in from outside. Or she will do this thing where she comes to the door and then barks, you go to let her in and off she goes again….she is waiting for the treat, but she has to make sure you have it, so you almost have to throw it into the house so she comes running in. Sometimes I even have to go outside and drag her butt in. I love her, but hate her sometimes! 🙂 What we do for our animals.


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