Reverse Sexism

Is it sexist to have a women’s only college or university?

Is there such a thing as reverse sexism?



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  1. Sexism can be directed against either sex. In that sense either direction is the reverse of the other. I am not sure though women's or men's only educational institutions are a case of sexism. It's a case of unnatural segregation if you ask me, but I've had a friend who went to a girl's only (catholic) school and claims it helped wonders with her self-esteem.


  2. I don't think it's sexism, if you think of sexism in terms of power dynamics. But I don't think the segregation is very helpful either, as far as advancing women issues go.


  3. It is sexism if any sex (male, female, and not so outspoken genders/transgender/not sures) are separated. And as Spanish prof says, it surely isn't helpful. The only way to be appreciative of valuable assets of others is to see each other often enough, otherwise the “other” is just a weird species…


  4. uhm, no its not sexist. For centuries, universities were white & male only. For that matter, they were WASP only. Female only, black on colleges are an answer to them. Its trying to level the playing field.


  5. Anonymous said:

    Yes, it is sexist. To redress past injustices we might have to favor women over men for a little while, but that doesn't mean that every half baked idea is justified in the name of “leveling the playing field”.

    A state of separation resolves nothing. It simply perpetuates unjust segregation. Its a gut, simplistic revenge reaction with little thought behind it.

    In fact, the best way to ensure Harvard stays male is to have many Smith Colleges down the road. That way sexist types don't even have to deny admission to women, they would just not apply.

    p.s. I'm a member of a Minority. I would never consider creating a minority only school progress.


  6. It's interesting to read everyone's perspective on this. I ask because someone (an early-20s male) said he thought the idea of the girl's college associated with our university was sexist.

    I guess, in a way, it is…but in my mind, I think of things like that (colleges, groups, etc.) were created out of a necessity, as those things weren't readily available to women. Do I think they're needed now? I don't know, but I can see how some women would be more comfortable attending an all-female school.


  7. I also think the comment bothered me because of who was saying it!


  8. Late to the party, but here's my opinion: I'll worry about whether or not all-female colleges are sexist when attending them sets someone up for success in the same way that attending Harvard does.

    So, um- not now.

    (I didn't go to a women's college, but I considered a couple.)


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