Here we go – the last Scientiae of the year! This quarter’s theme is:

The Ultimate Goal
Sometimes we lose track of why we got into science. But, at some point, I’m sure we all had grandiose dreams of all the things we were going to accomplish as scientists. Sure, those goals may have changed as we evolved from naive and idealistic undergraduate students to where we are now, but surely there’s some big idea that’s pushing us, even in the distant background.

So, what is your ultimate career goal? Do you want to win the Nobel Prize? Cure cancer? Build a better mouse trap? What is it that you want to be remembered for career-wise?

Feel free to submit variations on the theme or anything else you find appropriate. Please e-mail a permalink to your submission to scientiaecarnival [at] gmail [dt] com by 5pm Eastern Time on December 15th, so the carnival can be posted in time for the holidays!


Comments on: "December Scientiae – Call for Posts" (5)

  1. wow. that's a good one. going to take a little time for me to sort out the goal….


  2. Great topic! I will try to contribute.


  3. Fabulous wealth. That is all.

    There may be something slightly flawed with my plan.


  4. These dreams require no plans, so you're good to go! Wait…will you be wealthy enough to be a 1%-er?


  5. No. It's time to Occupy… er… well I guess I could start with Blogger.


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