Last night, during bath time, Evan looked at me, waved, and said “hi”. Twice.

It actually took a while for me to clue into what happened. Then, of course, I tried to get him to do it again to no avail. That is, until DH and I were getting him into his PJs, and he did it again. I asked DH “did you see that?”. He said he did and it was quite obvious that’s what Evan said AND meant, since he looked right at me, waved his hand, and said “hi”.

Now that I’ve had more time to digest it, I’m realizing what an amazing moment that was. That was the first time in Evan’s life that he communicated with us using English language in context (he’s been saying Dada and Mama for a month or so, but most of the time it’s not to either of us, so that doesn’t really count). I’m sure his brain has been working on this for a long time, and it just finally all came together last night. He will now never forget how to wave and say “hi”.

This is both a huge milestone and a turning point. He has started to communicate with us in a way we can understand, and his vocabulary will just get bigger and bigger. The beauty of the brain makes me want to cry sometimes!


Comments on: ""Hi"" (8)

  1. Exciting!

    DC's first word was “hi” and so was mine, apparently. It's a friendly first word.


  2. so much fun and you still have years until you will be desperate for him to stop talking 🙂 Write it down because I'm embarrassed to say there is no general accord on what fMhgirl's first word was 😦 fMhson = dog


  3. 🙂 That's a wonderful milestone – enjoy!


  4. Awesome 🙂

    Hi was B's first word, and went on to be used all the time in meaningful ways. So much fun!!!


  5. Aw, how wonderful! I love it when they start making the language connections – it is so true about the wonder of the human brain. It is an amazing thing! You should try to get a video of him saying it!


  6. Congrats!

    My husband and I argued about whether “dada” or “mama” would be my younger son's first word. Instead, it was “hi”. I was thrilled. 😀


  7. nicoleandmaggie – cute! Apparently mine was “riv-er-er”. Not a word, but close enough I guess! LOL!

    feMOMhist – ha! I'm sure that will happen in no time. I do need to remember to write it down in his baby book.

    GMP – thanks! I think it's my favorite so far!

    profgrrrrl – so cute! Sounds like “hi” is a popular first word!

    Ella – I'll try! I never think of it though!

    Dr. O – it is indeed!

    Cherish – we were wondering the same thing, as he often uses both of those (just not in context all the time).


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