I’m addicted to TED talks recently. Every day they post a new video, and every day my mind is blown. How many amazing people are there out there, anyway?

Recent favorites include:

A talk using dancers instead of PowerPoint

A woman who lost both her legs becomes a professional snowboarder

How to defend ourselves against asteroids

If you don’t watch TED talks, I highly suggest you follow them on Facebook or Twitter, and try to watch daily. All the talks are short (usually under 20 minutes) – perfect for while you’re eating lunch at your desk – but amazingly inspiring.

It might be one of my new life goals to give a TED talk…or maybe just to even see one.


Comments on: "TED" (4)

  1. Amen, they are totally habit-forming!


  2. I love TED talks too! There's a great one about parenting, and another one about language development where the guy rigged up cameras in every room of his house before his kid was born, and then recorded the entire first 3 or 4 YEARS of his life to document his language development. SO interesting!


  3. I ❤ Ted talks! I need to start watching again, thanks for the reminder!


  4. hush – exactly!

    Ella – I haven't seen those…I'll have to look them up.

    Adrienne – my pleasure 🙂


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