One annoying thing about blogging under my real name and sharing my posts to Facebook is that there are things I cannot write about without catching shit from someone.

There are some things going on right now that are making me very frustrated and disappointed. They are hard for me to deal with, because there is a possibility of confrontation, which (if you’re a long-time reader of my blog) is very scary for me. But, if I don’t do something about these things soon, I will continue to be taken advantage of.

Being an adult sucks sometimes.


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  1. ah… sorry to hear. Feel free to write something as a blog post and email? ^^ I know I'm not anonymous anymore but still, I can vent some stuff without feeling too scared about it. Still though, it's getting harder for every day me thinks….

    Hope it goes well! Just sort out your argument and it'll be good.


  2. hmmm that sucks, sorry about that.


  3. Yes, it does.

    But on the bright side, you get to eat as many cookies as you want. I'm not sure that balances bill paying, dealing with annoying people, and all the other random crap that comes with adulthood, but its something, right?


  4. Sorry it sucks right now 😦 I'd invest in a good chocolate stash, like a large variety bag of Lindt truffles.


  5. It's not so much being an adult, but being a responsible adult. I know way to many adults that over share on the internet. I'm glad your filter works… but BIG HUGS.


  6. I am so sorry…

    One thing that works is writing up all that is on your mind, all that you would honestly want to say, but not posting or sharing with anyone. I did that a few times. Just the process of getting it all out and on paper/screen is quite therapeutic.

    And I think it may help you prepare psychologically for the confrontation that appears to be necessary.

    Good luck!!!


  7. Chall – I was thinking of that, so I might take you up on it depending on how things go.

    feMOMhist – thanks!

    Cloud – good to look on the bright side of things! Yes, there are a lot of benefits of being an adult (like the cookies, and staying up until whenever you want).

    Dr. O – mmm…good idea!

    Kate – yes, good distinction there. That's part of the issue in this case too.

    GMP – that's a good idea. I have done that in a limited sense, but it might be good to get it ALL out.


  8. Is it fantasy football that's bringing you down? I swear you are climbing the charts at a record pace! Seriously though, hope it all works out.


  9. Alyssa: feel free to send. It'll be safe with me. Let me know if you want some feedback or just send it to the void…. Good luck in any event!


  10. Yup, being a responsible adult does suck at times.

    I hope that confrontation goes well, and that things eventually work out (they usually do, don't they? =) )

    And I hear you on not wanting to over-share on the Internet. I'm still anonymous, but even so I've become more circumspect of late in venting/ranting or even talking about work much at all on the 'net. Too bad–I do miss it.


  11. GR – you got me! Stupid football pool…

    Chall – thanks! It's been an insane week, but I'll try to email you on the weekend!

    bean-mom – I think things will work out. I came up with a plan earlier this week, so I feel a bit better.


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