O Christmas Tree!

No matter what kind of mood I’m in, decorating the Christmas tree gets me into the Christmas spirit. It was always a big deal in my house growing up – I fondly remember my Dad swearing as he put the lights up, having to follow the decorating rules (no hanging ornaments on the lights, never put two ornaments on the same branch, try to put the glass ones in front of lights), hanging the stockings, drinking hot chocolate, and snacking on treats and nuts.

In our apartment years, only fake trees were allowed. We did have one, and we did decorated it, but it just didn’t have the same feeling. It probably didn’t help that we weren’t at home for Christmas, so we didn’t get to enjoy it for very long. For the past two years, we have been able to get a real tree, and it’s so much better. As much of a mess they make, the experience of going out and picking one makes it worth while (and the smell too!).

Last year, Evan (being two months old) slept right through the decorating. This year, we were hoping we could do it with him. But, by the time we got the tree set up and had dinner, he was overly tired. So, he went to bed with the naked tree up in the living room (to which he said “Ooooo!!!” loudly when DH brought it into the house) and woke up to it decorated. I think this actually worked in our favor, because he hasn’t yet figured out that the ornaments can come off. He’s very interested in the tree, and gets really excited when we turn the lights on, but all he does is stares and points at different ornaments. That’s fine by me! Perhaps next year he can help.

Fig. 1: Naked tree.

Fig. 2: DH’s favorite ornament – a glass blow fish.

Fig. 3: My favorite, an old school plane.

Fig. 4: For Cath – the shooting star (came included with a Smirnoff bottle).

Fig. 5: The finished product.

Comments on: "O Christmas Tree!" (4)

  1. Mmm, I love that real tree smell!

    The star is awesome! But I do think you need to invest in some more astronomy ornaments 🙂 I also love love love that fish!


  2. That's a beautiful tree! I wish we had the space for such a nice big one like that. Love the plane ornament, too!


  3. The glass blow fish is my favorite, too!


  4. Cath – nah. I'm not for perpetuating the geeky stereotype. We have very few “geeky” items around the house 😉

    Ella – Thanks! We're lucky that we have high ceilings.

    bean-mom – yeah, it's pretty cute!


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