The last four appointments we’ve made with Evan’s doctor needed to be cancelled and rescheduled. We always try to make appointments either at the beginning of the day, so we don’t miss too much work, but by the time we get the call that they have to be rescheduled, only mid-day times are available.
I don’t get this…what’s the point of making an appointment in advance if they’re just going to be changed anyway? It reminds me of that scene in Seinfeld about the car reservations:

Comments on: "Appointments: What’s the Point?" (2)

  1. Oh, sorry to hear about your doctor (possibly time to find a new one?) but that seinfeld clip is HILARIOUS — so, so true when it comes to car reservations!


  2. We actually really like our doctor – it's just that she works at the hospital as well, and it seems like they don't give her the schedule too far in advance.

    And yes, that clip is hilarious! I love Seinfeld!


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