Slow Going

About a year ago, I started off on a journey…a knitting journey.

When I heard other knitters talk about how long afghans take, I just thought maybe they were choosing really difficult projects. I could find a pattern that looked really cool, but use simple knitting techniques, so it would go faster. Woolly Thoughts have a lot of patterns that are based on mathematics – so definitely look cool – but use basic knit and purl stitching. Perfect!

Here’s how far I’ve gotten in a year:

Fig. 1: The pathetic amount of knitting I’ve done in the last 12 months.

Two full pieces (of eight) are complete and I’m working on the third. Not great, considering it’s been 12 months and I’ve done no other knitting. Plus, the only reason those two pieces are fully complete is that my mom weaved in the ends for me over Christmas (thanks Mom!).

One of my resolutions this year is to finish this afghan. In order to do that, I’m going to put myself on a timeline. I’ll even be incredibly reasonable about it. Here is the schedule I’d like to follow:

3rd piece: Feb. 15th
4th piece: Mar. 31st
5th piece: May 15th
6th piece: June 30th
7th piece: Aug. 15th
8th piece: Sept. 30
Put 8 pieces together: Dec. 31st

I’m even putting the deadlines in my calendar. That should be easily doable, right? RIGHT?

Comments on: "Slow Going" (7)

  1. I LOVE it though, such a FABU pattern


  2. It's looking great! I find that afghans take forever just because they are, well, large. For me, what works best is to pick a project that isn't broken down into blocks, because I inevitably stall out between blocks for months, whereas with something that's knit all in a piece it's just not done until it's done. Plus I hate ends with a mad passion.

    Good luck finishing!


  3. Amazeballs! Good luck, I admire anyone who can master the art of knitting.


  4. feMOMhist – I think so too! It will look great when it's finished.

    nicoleandmaggie – wow because the pattern is awesome, or wow because of how slow I am? LOL!

    FSGrad – That has definitely been my downfall with this one! All the pieces are so small – they only take an hour each – but then I stop and start doing other things.

    hush – I think I'll need the luck!


  5. The pattern and what's been completed so far!


  6. Just a note, since I did some other woolly thoughts patterns – They advise seaming after the fact in a lot of places where it's not really necessary – if you put in a bit of thought you can just pick up on the edges and keep going. Doesn't reduce the number of ends to weave in, but might reduce the inertia factor.


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