Baking for Evan

Ever since Evan started sitting up, he likes being in the kitchen with me as I cook or bake. He’s fascinated by the process and the final products (this bodes well for our dream of him becoming a world-renowned chef).

It’s to the point these days where he gets upset if I’m in the kitchen and he’s not…or if something is in the oven and he wants to see the final product NOW.

I think this will be a lesson in patience…

Fig. 1: Waiting patiently.

Fig. 2: Mom, are they done yet?

I can’t wait until he’s old enough to help!

Comments on: "Baking for Evan" (7)

  1. That's so funny. Liam is the same way. He pretends to mix things when I'm baking. 🙂


  2. Hmm…maybe I should get Evan some bowls and wooden spoons or something so he can do that too!


  3. That is so cute, Alyssa! He looks so happy to be in there with you. I loved it when Eliza got old enough to actually “help”. Even if her “helping” mostly still involves her tasting the cookie dough while I'm not looking… 🙂


  4. Cute :o) Our kitchen is way to small for me to allow the girls in on the rare occasions when I'm cooking. Though they are always trying to sneak in. Do you have one of these safety things on the stove, I can't see it on the photo? I'm thinking of getting something like this, and wonder if it's useful. What do you think?


  5. Ella – I tried to give Evan some muffin batter this week, but he just turned his head away! I'm sure he'll get it at some point though 😉

    Bee – we don't have anything for our stove. If Evan starts to show a huge interest in opening the stove, then we might do something. So, it really depends on what your girls are into!


  6. Bee (again) – sorry, I didn't look at your link until after I commented! Again, though, Evan has shown no interest in grabbing things on the stove, but if he does we might consider getting something!


  7. My 2-year old nephew has a set of small bowls/pots which he uses to “make coffee” (i.e. pour a tiny bit of water from one into another for like 10 min, then bring the results to the adult around for drinking and then you have to say that the coffee is soooo goood :-). He started this at least a year ago, so maybe you could get Evan something like this?


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