Family Day

Today is Family Day in Ontario (and a few other provinces, but not all) – so of course we’re heading to the horse races!

DH has been wanting to go for a long time (he used to go with his buddies a lot in his bachelor days), so when I saw the raceway was having a free event for families today, I figured we have to check it out.

There will be lots of (free!) stuff for kids, like balloon animals, face painting, a colouring station, and horses of course. It will be fun to see the horse races too (I assume?).

Hope your day off (if you get one) is full of family and fun!


Comments on: "Family Day" (3)

  1. We don't have a day off here – no stat holidays between New Year and Easter for us! That'll change next year though – the provincial government announced last year that BC will start celebrating Family Day from 2013 onwards. No idea why we can't have it this year!

    I love going to the races, although I prefer UK-style jumps and hurdles racing on long grass courses to North American flat racing on shorter tracks. I had a roommate during my PhD who was really into it and taught me how to read the form etc., and she said I had a natural eye for a good horse – I kept betting on animals she said were no-hopers, but kept on winning money! I've been multiple times and only lost money once. But no-one ever wants to go with me here – to be fair, it's less fun than in the UK! But Evan will love it – so much stimulus!


  2. hurray for family day! we celebrated by having a family nap. how exciting huh?! hope you guys had a good time at the races.


  3. Cath – at least BC is picking it up next year! And yeah, I like the UK style too. Evan definitely enjoyed watching the horses!

    MJ – that sounds like the perfect day 🙂


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