"That’s So Gay"

I’m so sick and tired of people using “gay” as an insult. I don’t get it…it’s 2012 people, how in the world are we still selecting out portions of our population to discriminate against?

I see and hear it on Facebook statuses, in comics, in pretty much every TV show, in the hallways at the university, even from students in grades 5 or 6 at the schools I go to…everywhere, actually.

It’s so common that people don’t really think what they’re saying is incredibly insulting and insensitive, as they would if they were being racist or sexist (though, we all know those are still issues as well).

Here’s a newsflash to all the lame-asses that still think it’s funny: this shit is not acceptable. Don’t say something or someone is gay, or a faggot, or a homo as an insult. It’s considered hate speech. Stop it.


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  1. Ugh, people are still doing that? Not only is it truly awful, it's soooo 10 years ago. (Totes pre- Queer Eye.) Hey, *sshole, the naughts called. They want their homophobia back.


  2. Not only are people still doing this, but it seems to me that it's more prevalent now. Or maybe I'm just more sensitive to these types of things? Either way, people just need to shut up already šŸ˜›


  3. I hear it less than I used to. Still, it really grates every time I do hear it. I also dislike “gyp” for the same reasons.


  4. oh… “it's so girly” said in a disapproving voice to their son…. yeah… tired too.

    I totes thought “that's so gay” was buried in the sand and moved on. Alas, I always forget that there is a bunch of people out there who'd rather live in 'historic' times…. like the precious 50ies when everything was 'right' ^^


  5. That expression has become WAY less prevalent in the circles I run in than it was 5-10 years ago. I don't recall recent examples of it being used in my presence.

    I definitely used to use the expression back in the late 90s/early 00s and it took some time to completely banish it from my vocabulary. The term “retarded” is another one that falls into that category.


  6. Your timing couldn't be better for this post! In my gr. 10 class today, I gave a kid an extra long detention (he already had a short one) for calling one of his classmates a faggot. We had to have a class discussion about why that term is not appropriate or respectful (and also what that word actually means). Some of these kids say it to be hurtful but some of them just hear it all the time and never even think about what they're reallly saying or its impact.

    A lot of our students do the “that's so gay” thing, too. Whenever I hear it, I always respond with “actually, there is nothing homosexual about that at all” or “what is homosexual about it?” That usually makes them shut up for a minute and think. Sometimes they laugh, but they do think about it. After a couple of times, they don't say it in my class anymore. If they do, we have chat in detention and that takes care of it.

    We have to stop allowing it if we want people to learn to stop saying it. My kids learn pretty fast that in my classroom, it doesn't fly.


  7. I think there's a lot of indirect use of this “insult” which bothers me. I mean, it seems every TV show has jokes implying being gay is funny or something. There are a few shows that I just cannot watch because it's constant.

    I also find there's a lot of that type of talk surrounding sports for some reason. I remember we went to a Buffalo Bills game, and it seemed like every jeer uttered was something to do with being gay. It was awful.

    Liz – yes, that's another one that needs to be banished, but a lot of kids still use it these days.

    Andrea – good for you for making a stand and making sure your students don't cross that line.


  8. I've caught my pre-teen nephews saying it a few times and it winds me up too. I haven't said anything to them yet but I like the “what exactly is homosexual about it?” angle! I've become more comfortable in general with telling off other people's kids over the last few years, so I'll make a point of wading in next time.

    They'll probably think that's “lame”, though.


  9. I think that's a good angle to take. And oh well if they think you're lame…hopefully it will make them think about it a bit more!


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