Headin’ to Houston

I’ll be going to Houston in a couple weeks for a conference.

Anyone in the area who wants to meet up?

Anyone have any suggestions for what to see and do while there? I probably won’t have a ton of free time, but I hope to have some!

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  1. This is my favorite place when I visit Houston: http://www.theoriginalchocolatebar.com/
    Get the ice cream. My favorite is the one with nuts. (They give you two flavors in a small.)

    Any other places you need to know the best ice cream or bakery for? I've got that covered across the US.


  2. If you're in Texas you need to get BBQ & TexMex. I recommend Chuy's (ask for the creamy jalapeno sauce with your chips) and Rudy's BBQ (the best brisket). They're both local (Austin) chains, which some people are opposed to, but they're both seriously awesome.


  3. nicoleandmaggie – mmmm! I'll have to try and find it if it's close to where I'll be staying.

    Jaclyn – also sounds yummy! If they are chains, then there might be a good chance there'll be one nearby.


  4. There's two chocolate bar storefronts– one is near Rice, the other is in a residential area some place. I dunno, I think it's worth taking a cab.


  5. Hmm….it's 45 minutes away according to Google.


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