Check Those Receipts

A few weeks ago, DH and I caught a mistake on our grocery bill. We were to get two containers of Parmesan cheese for a certain amount, but were charged the regular price for both.

Since then we’ve been checking our bills before we leave the store, and we’ve caught two other major mistakes: one for a $25 cheesecake (we didn’t even buy a cheesecake), and instead of being charged for one package of yogurt we were charged for three (at $7.50 each, that’s a big difference).

So, over a month, that’s three weeks with major mistakes on our bill with a total of about $45. We’ve caught things in the past, but are kicking ourselves for not going every grocery bill with a fine-tooth comb. We wonder how much have we been overcharged over the years?


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  1. Anonymous said:

    I don't think my husband and I have ever caught a mistake on our grocery bill… But then again, we use the self check-out lanes whenever possible 😉


  2. I used to do this (my father trained me), but these days I don't have the time unless it is something obvious. I don't even bring coupons for things we always get even when they're on the refrigerator using the same magnet as the grocery list. It's a little extra grocery tax I'm now willing to pay so as to free up the mental energy.


  3. Little known fact – most grocery stores participate in a scanning code of practice which states that if a product is scanned and comes up at the wrong price, you get it free, up to $10. There'll be a little sign near the cashier.


  4. I usually look over the receipt as we walk to the car, I have never found a discrepancy that large though that is frustrating. We have however gotten home and realized that one or two items didn't get packed in our grocery bags, either by us or the store baggers :S


  5. Anon – that's a good way to avoid it!

    nicoleandmaggie – I'm the same with coupons, and a $1 here and there on a grocery bill wouldn't make me go back…but $45 in a month makes me modify my behaviour slightly.

    Lyss – Interesting! I'll have to look for that next time!

    Kaylee – yes, I've had that happen too! So annoying!


  6. That's a lot! I tend to keep a running tally in my head while I shop (and I'm always within $5). It was a game my dad taught us to play (mental math) as kids. I also watch the screen as everything rings up. I've seen the cashier miss things, and some have chosen to not ring up items that confused them (e.g., cilantro or ginger root). I point out the former. The latter — well, that's a store issue. But I've never seen such big errors as you've found. Makes me wonder: where are you shopping?


  7. profgrrrrl – I used to watch the screen as everything went through, but with Evan to distract me these days it's much tougher. I don't know if this is a regular occurrence at the place we shop, or if it just happened all at once.

    I can kind of understand the 2-for-1 not being reprogrammed in the system, but I don't get how you can ring in a $25 cheesecake accidentally, or scan something as big of a package of yogurts 3 times instead of 1!


  8. I should also mention that the store has been very good about refunding our money.


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