Bumping Meetings

Do you have a general rule of thumb when it comes to holding or bumping meetings? What type of meetings do you feel okay bumping? What kinds of things do you bump meetings for?

Comments on: "Bumping Meetings" (3)

  1. I generally try to hold all of mine and not bump unless its an emergency. But I'm also pretty thoughtful and planning them out with respect to dates, amount of time, etc. Frivolous meetings get pushed off into the far future for short amounts of time.


  2. agreed, unless an emergency comes up, i try to hold all my meetings. if it is a meeting with a student & I know in advance (1 day or more) that it would be best to change it, i usually will. i have been burned too many times by students not showing to really feel that i cannot reschedule them.


  3. I agree with both of you – I only do so in an emergency. I have run into people who don't feel that way lately, which can be frustrating. They bump any meeting if any other meeting comes up — or show up 30-45 minutes late to a meeting.


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