Basement Stairs

We mostly use our side entrance to get in and out of our house. The front door is a little finicky, and there are two doors to come through, so it’s a bit cumbersome. The back door is up a half-flight of concrete stairs that goes right into the kitchen. So, both those options aren’t ideal. There is also more room to put shoes, coats, etc., at the side entrance.

That being said, the side entrance looked pretty much like butt when we moved in (in theme with the rest of the house). About a year ago, DH painted it, installed a new light (it was a bare bulb before), and put up some more hooks for our jackets and such.

Now that Evan is moving around more, we’re getting more and more aware of the dangers in our home. Enter the staircase to the basement (which is off the side entrance):

Fig. 1: Basement stairs before. No risers, no balusters…basically the drop of death to the cement floor below.

So, DH took on the job of making them a bit more safe and much better looking. He added risers and balusters, painted the whole thing and added new treads. I now feel like I can take the laundry down to the basement without having to worry about going ass-over-tea-kettle with a bag of dirty socks and undies.

Fig. 2: The final product.

Next up: DH plans to tile the landing at the side entrance, and we have also started on a landscaping project in the front yard.

Comments on: "Basement Stairs" (7)

  1. They look great! Your husband is so handy 🙂


  2. Looks great!

    “I now feel like I can take the laundry down to the basement without having to worry about going ass-over-tea-kettle with a bag of dirty socks and undies.”

    I do not have this luxury: narrow steep stairs + laundry basket blocking my view of my feet (only possible angle at which to carry it) + 2 cats who love to get underfoot = this is how I will die.


  3. That is a fantastic before and after! WOW!!!


  4. Amazing improvement — great job to your DH


  5. beautiful!!! great job to your DH- he does lovely work!

    we've been slowly renovating too, it is nice to be able to do the work yourself, although it has meant some long weeks with housework starting right after dinner!


  6. Thanks everyone!

    Cath – I feel your pain! That stairwell is pretty narrow, so I have to carry the laundry in front of myself too (with 2 possible cats). So fun 😛

    Lisa C. – yes, DH has been working hard in the evenings, but it's really his hobby, so he's okay with spending his time doing it. I, meanwhile, sit my butt on the couch and read, knit, watch TV, and/or surf the net.


  7. It looks amazing!! So nice! Glad he was able to fix them. too bad you aren't closer I might hire him to finish our house 😉


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