…but I’m hoping this one ends soon.
Evan is definitely a toddler – with his manic-depressive states (laughing his head off one minute and then screaming the next), toddler fits (where he lies down on the floor face first), and lots and lots of “no’s” and head shaking. 
He’s also asserting his independence, which would be great if it wasn’t so scary. Most toddlers will run off, yes, but will look back at their parents to make sure they’re there. With Evan, not so much. And he always wants to be where he shouldn’t – like on the road, on the soccer field during DH’s games, or invading people’s personal space. 
I know it’s important for him to go through this, and that it’s good for his development, and blah, blah, blah….but holy crap, this parenting thing is hard!
I long for the days when he was 4 months old and crying his head off. I knew if I walked with him long enough at a certain pace and singing a certain song he would eventually stop and fall asleep. Now, I feel like I have no idea why he’s upset most of the time (I don’t think he does either), and have no idea how to fix it.
Thankfully, he has good days every so often that remind me what it’s like to have a happy Evan around.

Comments on: "I know it’s a phase…" (4)

  1. i hear you!! it's the same in our house right now. i'm told that it get easier. and i have to say that when i'm at home with him it's much better than when he goes to the dayhome. hang in there. 🙂


  2. Yes it's a phase and they grow out it. I feel your pain. Monkey would never look to see if we were following either. So. Frustrating.

    No advice other than lots of deep breaths, modeling appropriate behavior.



  3. I feel you! Sometimes Avery's a total angel; sometimes she acts possessed. Challenging times these are!


  4. Lara is like this too. If it doesn't go as she wants, she'll scream her lungs out and kick and hit. She'll also just wander off and never bother to look back, doesn't listen to us calling her, and so on. Gloria is so different. She has her angry moments too, but she'll mostly just sit there and cry for a bit. She has also learned to hold my hand when we walk, and she more or less goes where I direct her to. Not always of course…


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