Circle of Mystery

Over the past few weeks, five shirts have been ruined by a mysterious circle, or circular object. This includes two of DH’s shirts and three of my own. Luckily they are all “at home” shirts, and nothing we care about too much.
But, we can’t for the life of us figure out what is causing the circles.  It’s like we have our own private crop circle mystery. 
The stain has no color, but does not come out in the wash, so we’re thinking there is some sort of oil involved somehow. It also appears in a similar location: for me right near my belly button, and for DH on the right side of his stomach. So, perhaps it’s something we’re leaning on, but we have combed the house and cannot figure it out.
Now we’re trying to remember to do a circle check every so often while at home in order to hammer down what is causing this phenomenon. 

Comments on: "Circle of Mystery" (7)

  1. my that is a mystery. If it's an oil based stain you could try washing it with dawn dish detergent — I just tried that on an olive oil stain of largish proportions and it came out beautifully. Does sound like you are leaning up against something — nothing on the stroller?


  2. This is very intriguing! Please do let us know when you figure it out.
    How big is the circle?


  3. Dawn and OxyClean work wonders for oil/grease stains! Good luck. I, too, am curious what it turns out to be.


  4. hmmm intriguing. Something in your house that both you and DH touch with your stomach. Edge of kitchen counter, stove, or kitchen sink? Edge of computer desk? Bathroom vanity?


  5. Thanks for the dish detergent tip, everyone!

    And…mystery solved! While in the kitchen this evening, I finally figured it out! It is from the bottom of the Pam spray! Apparently, both DH and I hold it against our stomachs while taking the cap off.


  6. Too funny! glad you figured it out!


  7. HAHA! I had to check back to see if you ever figured it out! 😉


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