Front Patio and Yard

Our latest project for the house was painting the front patio and adding some landscaping to the area right in front of it. Here are the before and after shots:

For the first two years we were in the house, we tried to keep the original bushes in front of the house under control.
Then, earlier this summer, we decided we wanted to paint the patio. The last paint job was probably 10 years ago or more, so it desperately needed it. Plus, the colors (chocolate brown on the ceiling and red on the floor) were not our favorite and made the area seem very dark and boxed in. The bushes were also mismatched, and the bottoms of the two on the left were pretty much dead. So, the first thing we* did was rip out the bushes and prep the areas to be painted.
We then painted the ceiling and trim all in white (look how much brighter it looks inside the patio!):
We painted the door white and the floor and stairs a light grey. Then we added a new lamp that was a better size for the patio (the one before was tiny and really ugly).

Finally, we built a stone wall to outline the garden area and bought some interesting trees and shrubs that will turn gorgeous shades of red, orange, and yellow in the fall (one of my top priorities). We also bought a very nice bench, which you can see the top of.
The large tree on the left is a Pyramid Hornbeam, the shrubs at the back are Persian Ironwood (which will grow into a hedge), and the shrubs at the front are Magic Carpet Spirea (which will stay low to the ground). It’s a bit sparse right now, as things need room to grow, but we’re very happy with how it all turned out!
Next up — putting up a fence between our house and each neighbor (mostly so we can lock Evan in the backyard).
*I say “we” throughout this post, but it was DH who did most of the work. YAY DH!!


Comments on: "Front Patio and Yard" (9)

  1. It looks beautiful! Your house is so pretty!


  2. Wow, looks great! I can't believe how much difference painting the door and stairs made – it really makes your house look so much more inviting.


  3. beautiful transformation to your porch — you've just added great curb appeal to your home!


  4. Becca – thank you!

    Liz – it is amazing what a coat of paint can do. It's so much lighter in the patio too!

    Wool Free – that was definitely our goal! It wasn't too inviting before.


  5. Well done – night and day difference! Looks wonderful!


  6. Hey, it's a beautiful house!!!


  7. …And… you did a great job with the bushes!


  8. Theresa – thank you!

    Mari – aw, thanks! That means so much coming from you!


  9. Your Pyramidal Hornbeam is going to grow 35 feet tall and about 30 feet tall at maturity. You have no room for that tree as it is currently planted. It will take about 15 years for the tree to widen up to 25 feet, but it will. It is a misconception that they stay skinny, they do for a long time while they're young, but they will fatten up. I know, I have 15 of them. They're fantastic trees, give off gorgeous fall color, and if you water them well, and give them plenty of sun, they'll grow up to 4 ft a year. Good luck but I believe you have planted that tree in the completely wrong spot. I have one in front of my home as well, but it has plenty of room to grow.


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