Office Upgrade

When I started my new job, we were in a pretty decent office. No windows to the outside, but we did have windows along to walls facing into a hallway (they were frosted so people couldn’t see in). Unfortunately, that space needed to be used for someone else, so we had to move to this:

Fig. 1: Our old office – 2 people in a box less than 10’x10′ with no windows.

It wasn’t great, but we made due. Around here, one has to be thankful for any space. But, we could only use it for a few months until some new post-docs arrived (poor schmucks).
Our bosses worked tirelessly to get us a better, permanent, space. And, boy did they come through:

Fig. 2: Our new office. Windows to the OUTSIDE!! Enough space for two desks AND our stuff!! There’s even a place (from where I took this photo from) for a small conference table!!
Sometimes it’s worth it to suck it up and put in your dues to get something really amazing.


Comments on: "Office Upgrade" (4)

  1. That is looking pretty posh.. and now you can say “hey, come up to my CORNER office!” 😉


  2. Yes, it did pay a lot! It does feel like in a box when you are in a room with no windows to see the outside world (I also had the same experience). But moving into a new space with windows, gave me enough light and mana when working.


  3. Yey! Your bosses deserve a tap on their backs for doing a good job in finding you that office space.


  4. That's searching fairly classy.. as well as you can now state “hey, show up in order to my personal PART workplace!

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