Maxidol Commercial

Last weekend, as I was enjoying an action flick on TV, I was bombarded every commercial break with the latest Maxidol commercial that made me more angry every time I watched it.
I’ve tried searching for it online, but have come up empty-handed so far.*  But, if you search for “maxidol time of the month commercial”, you’ll see I’m not the only one annoyed by it.
The commercial starts with a view of a woman’s work desk, and the narrator saying something along the lines of Poor Susie – she’s off work today because of cramping, bloating… — you get the idea. As the list goes on, the commercial cuts to a scene of a woman shopping to her heart’s content and leaving the store with both hands full of bags.
If you can’t figure out why this ad pisses me off, here’s a list of things it implies:
1. Women are unreliable when having their period
2. Even if women feel okay during their period, they’ll use it as an excuse to get out of work
3. When women do skip out of work, it’s to go shopping
4. Women love to shop, especially when having their period
5. Women can’t stop themselves when shopping and always over-indulge
I don’t know who’s idea this commercial was, or who let it air, but join me in telling Maxidol (Bayer Canada is the parent company – email is that they should go to hell!** And, no, I’m not irritable because of PMS. I’m irritable because this sexist shit is apparently still acceptable.

*If anyone has a link, let me know.
**I sent them an email on Tuesday – will update if I hear anything back!


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  1. Yep, I have seen this commercial and was just as disgusted by it as you. The first time I saw it, I actually assumed it was one of those parody ads that was going to cut away from a fake, cheesy, cliche menstration ad to the real commercial (I think Kotex did this type of commercial for a while).

    Anyway, it is a very bizarre marketing approach. I honestly can't figure out if they are trying (and failing) at being ironic in some way, or are just completely out of touch.


  2. Go you! I haven't seen it, but it sounds pretty much abysmal. I'm so tired of this kind of stuff – “oh honey, are you having PMS” because you don't agree with them. Underlying assumption: a woman is ruled by her hormones, not her brain. Haven't they heard about history and “hysteria” and where that faulty shit came from??

    (off the soap box – going to work, bloating and all 😉 )


  3. Jaw on floor. I'm glad I missed this. Thanks for the e-mail.


  4. Liz – glad I'm not the only one! If it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek, they really missed the mark.

    chall – I know, right? That attitude bugs me so much!

    Barefoot Doctoral – yes, count yourself lucky!


  5. I too am extremely outraged by this ad. I have sent several emails to Bayer, used Twitter to encourage others to email, and sent emails to CBC and the Food Network who are broadcasting these ads. Anyone see this ad on another station let me know and I will email them. Encourage all other to send the emails.




  6. Melody – thank you for your comment! The station I saw the ad on was “Showcase Action”. I have signed your petition. I haven't heard back from Bayer – have you?


  7. I think I was the first person to send an email and they were all apologetic and said that it had escalated to the marketing team…. then I sent another email with some links to other people who were outraged and said that women don't want to be portrayed in this way and they never replied back.

    Another person from Twitter said she sent an email and they replied back saying that the ad had been approved by a focus group so there was nothing wrong with it.

    Obviously they care nothing about their consumer or for the extreme offense they have caused to both men and women!

    I see a lot of dumb commercials, but this was is more than dumb. It is like turning back the hands of time, telling women that they don't belong in the work force, that they are incapable of doing the same job a man can do or get that promotion… it is like saying we are inferior, unreliable, lazy and scammers who abuse our gender amongst a multitude of other things.

    I for one will not stop blowing the whistle and continuing to tweet, Facebook, and send emails to all stations who broadcast this sexist commercial.

    Asking for others to please support the movement to ban this Maxidol ad and sign the petition and if you can, please send your emails to any station you see broadcasting this. If it comes from more than one person the broadcasters are likely to remove the ad before Bayer themselves do.


  8. I just sent Showcase and email with numerous links that show the outrage is building. Hopefully the broadcasters will be smart enough not to involve themself in something so blatently demoralizing and sexist towards women.

    Let me know if you continue to see it broadcasted over the next while. It seems that some stations may be taking it down as before it was just crammed down your throat on multiple stations, but now it seems to be a little more sparse… HOPING!!


  9. I got an email back from Bayer and they are pulling the commercial!


  10. Good work ladies!! Maxidol agrees to pull ad and apologizes:

    Dear Ms. Wall:

    We wanted to follow-up with you regarding your concerns about our Maxidol® advertisement and the final outcome of our review.

    Over the past few weeks, we have heard from a small group of concerned consumers, such as yourself, and have taken this feedback to heart. After closely reviewing the matter, we have decided to withdraw our advertisement. This decision will take full effect by September 14, 2012.

    At Bayer, we’re proud to help women live healthier, more empowered lives and sincerely regret if our advertisement suggested otherwise. We value the loyalty and opinions of our customers and hope that our actions demonstrate this commitment.



  11. The unfortunate thing is that the young lady who appeared in the ad, who is a talented working actress in a hard business, now won't be receiving residuals. There are always consequences to things, even though the ad may be ridiculous.


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