Bayer (Maxidol) Response

Last week, I posted about the Maxidol commercial that was offending women across the nation. I emailed Bayer, and heard back from them today. This is what they had to say:
Dear Alyssa,

Thank you for sharing your concerns about our advertisement for Maxidol®. 

Over the past few weeks, we have heard from a small group of concerned consumers, such as yourself, and have taken this feedback to heart. After closely reviewing the matter, we have decided to withdraw our advertisement. This decision will take full effect by September 14, 2012.

At Bayer, we’re proud to help women live healthier, more empowered lives and sincerely regret if our advertisement suggested otherwise. We value the loyalty and opinions of our customers and hope that our actions demonstrate this commitment.


Amanda C. RN*
Bayer HealthCare
Consumer Care

Well, shit — taking a stand does work sometimes! Kudos to Bayer for knowing when to own up to a screw up and actually fixing it. Hopefully I never see that ad again.
*Last name shortened for privacy.

Comments on: "Bayer (Maxidol) Response" (4)

  1. oh my little “socialist” heart is happy for the “together, one person can make a difference” 🙂

    Glad to know that sometimes they listen. Even if I wonder about the “concerned customer”… It's more likely “pissed-off no longer customer” ^^


  2. Great! Good to know that it helps to point things out to them…
    I had to laugh about “a small group of concerned customers”. If it really was a small group, they wouldn't have done anything. Although I guess a few raging complaints on blogs like this can make them squirmy!


  3. LOL! I was tweeting on four accounts, started an on-line petition and emailed every network that broadcasted the ad in addition to sending numerous links on the internet that show the overall outrage caused by the ad.

    Yes when we work together to make our voices heard, sometimes we will actually be heard.


  4. Nice! Go you, and let's hope that soon the advertising world gets a clue.


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