I completely fell off the wagon this week. I didn’t wake up early once to exercise. The most I did was buy an exercise DVD and yoga mat. 
I have a lot of excuses why I didn’t do anything – but no good reason, really. It came down to wanting to sleep longer. 
I realize that it would have been easier to start this kind of thing in the spring when the mornings are getting lighter and warmer, not the other way around. I did find that I missed it though – I like getting the fresh air and just being with myself. So, that’s a positive, right?

Comments on: "Morning Makeover: Off the Wagon" (4)

  1. The reality is, we “fall off the wagon” with this sort of thing all the time. The important thing is how long we let ourselves stay off!


  2. Buying exercise equipment TOTALLY counts as exercise


  3. Cloud – true, though not sure how I'll get back on.

    Cath – Ha! Thank you for making me laugh today!


  4. I've torn a muscle. Now I'm tied to the couch, hopping behind the kids on one foot otherwise. Want to swap?


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