Driving Mr. E-Dawg

A couple months ago, when Evan started his new daycare, he was having problems falling asleep – both at night and during nap time. What used to take < 5 minutes was taking about an hour, including some huge tears/wailing/getting out of bed/etc..
Night time sleeping went back to normal relatively quickly, but the nap did not. We thought maybe he didn’t need a nap anymore, but it was clear that wasn’t the case. For one, he would nap just fine at daycare (he even puts himself to bed!!). Second, when he finally did fall asleep, he would nap for 1.5-2 hours as usual. So, he was just having a hard time falling asleep.
One day, while driving back from the grocery store, he fell asleep. We were able to bring him inside, put him in his bed, and he slept for his normal nap. So, since then, we’ve been doing this to get him down for his nap.
Yup – that’s right – our 2+ year old son needs to be driven around to fall asleep! We’ve never had to do this until now. I know we should try different things but, honestly, it’s just not worth the fight. Soon enough, he won’t need his nap, and this will all be forgotten.

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  1. With DC1 I was always a bit jealous of folks whose kids would fall asleep in the car. DC2 is a bit more like a normal baby in that respect.


  2. Good attitude – this too shall pass. And a little driving to put the boy into a peaceful sleep isn't so bad. šŸ™‚


  3. Teddy went through a stage right around 2 where he really fought bed for naps and nights. He would cry and it was hard for me because before he had loved going to bed. Thankfully it only lasted a few weeks and then he was back to normal, just this past weekend he asked me if he could take a nap šŸ˜€ So I hope you don't have to drive Evan for too long!


  4. We had the same thing happen to us when we moved and changed daycare. Epsilon would fall asleep on his own in daycare, but had to be driven with us. Then we moved again, initially spending some time conferencing and living out of hotels, and he'd nap only in our arms, while walking. Now his new daycare doesn't nap 3-4 year olds, so he's given up napping. Now if I ask “why won't you sleep? You used to nap on your own at Karen's!” he'll answer “This isn't Karen's house.”

    That about sums it up I guess.


  5. nicoleandmaggie – it's nice that we always have a fallback plan, that's for sure.

    Ella – exactly! There's a lot worse we could be handed.

    Ash – you give me hope!

    Barefoot Doctoral – I guess that makes sense, doesn't it?


  6. oh man, timely post! Our 18month old just moved to the toddler room at daycare and sleeps beautifully in a cot but naps and bed are a disaster at home suddenly. All past strategies (milk, singing, sleep training) are useless…we even tried cosleeping and that was a fun 2am adventure of chatting, singing, nose beeping, but no sleep. Sounds like I just have to ride it out for now, but I am considering adding some rails to our extra bed and see if she sleeps better there.


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