Things I Miss

I’ve been thinking a lot lately of things I used to do and was really good at – either in my childhood or later on – that I really miss now. 
1. Dance – I’ve always been a dancer at heart, but I took jazz dance lessons from the ages of 8-16, and then ballroom dance lessons in my mid-20s. I’d like to find some adult jazz and/or hip-hop dance classes.
2. Music – I played concert clarinet from grade 7-12, and jazz tenor/baritone saxaphone in grades 10-12. I adored music so much, and was pretty damn good if I say so myself, that I even auditioning for a university music program before deciding to go into astronomy/physics. After high school, I still played in an adult band for a couple years, and joined a university ensemble during my MSc. I’d like to get back into music, but not sure if I want to pull my clarinet out of the closet and join an ensemble here, or take up a new instrument like piano.
3. Golf – My dad started me golfing when I was about 6 and I played on a pretty regular basis until I was about 15. I took lessons, played in tournaments, and was pretty decent. In my adult years, I’ve played from time to time – usually a few times per year – but it would be nice to get back into it in a more meaningful way. 
I’m hoping 2013 will allow me to get back to some of these things that brought me so much joy at one point or another during my life.


Comments on: "Things I Miss" (4)

  1. Things I miss: Being able to read a paper without having a child throwing toys at me! Going into a store and finding clothes that I fit into. (I don't know what happened to the world, but since a few years or so all manufactures seem to have declared war on people shorter than 170 cm.) Slamming down the receiver when I'm pissed of at somebody on the phone. Because now I have this fancy iPhone thing with touchscreen and so on. I want an app that hangs up on rapid downward acceleration.

    Your list is so much more adult…


  2. That's really good new year's plans Alyssa! Some of those have been on my list for ages too … like do some sort of dance (started salsa classes for a few weeks, months ago, need to make it more of a habit) and definitely do something musical.


  3. Love your post… and I swear I could have written it myself… dance lessons as a child, clarinet band player, and I golfed pre-baby.


  4. Bee – Oh, I could make a long list of things like that 🙂 This one was more about hobbies I was really good at that I don't do anymore for some reason.

    Nina – Salsa classes are fun!

    Kate – 😀 Too funny!


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