Rules and Routine…

…apparently go to hell over the holidays. Evan’s regular routine is so screwed up that we just let so much stuff go in order to keep some sort of peace around here. He eats on the living room floor, watches way too many cartoons, barely goes outside, and has dessert before dinner.

I assume – hope – we’re not the only house going through this?


Comments on: "Rules and Routine…" (6)

  1. TOTALLY normal. Happened in our family, too.


  2. Much the same at our house – eating wherever, dessert for breakfast, the works. And we don't even have kids 🙂


  3. Wait – Evan's not watching two seasons worth of Spartacus over one week, is he? That I would be a little more concerned about…mostly for the graphic content for a child…though totally acceptable for adults on holidays….right?


  4. Kate and Ella – glad it's normal!

    Lyss – we're not quite that bad 😉


  5. Yeah, sounds completely 100% normal to me!


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