We are heading down to Arizona in March to visit my parents who live down there in the winter months…which means Evan needs his passport. We were worried about how long it would take to get a photo that would work. That he would freak out, cry, get distracted and not look at the camera…we were prepared for it to be a gong show, really.
Once in place in front of the screen, he sat there with a sullen look with his mouth slightly open.  She said he couldn’t have his mouth open, so he closed it. One snap of the camera and, voila!

Is that not the perfect mugshot passport photo, or what?


Comments on: "Passport" (3)

  1. I dunno, he looks like an extreme security threat to me… not sure I'd let him in 🙂


  2. He looks like he's one of the russian mob — but definitely the perfect passport expression. Hope he looks a little happier when you are actually going through customs. Enjoy your trip — Arizona is so lovely at that time of year!


  3. Cath – I know, right?

    Wool Free – we're very excited about the trip! Hopefully the plane ride won't be too bad with him 🙂


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